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I`m a high school graduate and I`ve been thinking about going to collage to be an author. I got this site from one of my favorite teachers, Mrs.Foreman. I`m just trying to see if writing is the right place for me.

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Tell me if something is wrong with my writing. I can take it and it`ll only make my writing better. I just need to know what to fix before I can fix it

Her Thoughts

February 19, 2016


       0 is the way she would feel if she lost her best friend. He was more than that to her though. He was her everything, he was also her nothing. It`s not like they could be dating, it would be weird. Besides he didn`t even know how he felt about her. She would never admit her love for him because she was afraid. Her heart would be forever empty.
      1 is the days she has without him. They just seem to drag on. He was the only one who didn`t care that her family was wealthy. She wouldn`t be friends with the people who just wanted money because that is not true friendship. 
       2 is the number of months that she faded away. The months that she let him be. His girlfriend didn`t like her so why should she give them grief.
      3 is how close she is to leaving her home. The place that he had stayed with her since she found him in the alley. 
      4 is how much she feels now. She`s lost so much and had so little to begin with
      5 is the amount of evidence they`ll leave. The only things that will lead to the truth of her life.
      6 regrets are what hold her back. She can`t leave without fixing things
      7 things to give him before she leaves him behind.
      8 thank yous to say to everyone that has helped her
      9 final goodbyes to give before she leaves her life. Her final words will be goodbye to him before she falls from her tares.


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