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I'm a junior in high school who has the imagination of a five year old. Besides writing I also enjoy singing, acting, playing guitar, and exploring the forest.

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Writing is my escape and I'm happy to find people who will read it. No matter how painful life becomes I'll always have my writing's which speak for me when I cannot. I'm awkward and quiet but my mind is filled with brilliant colors and loud opinions that are dying to be heard.


February 19, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Their love was a lake, calm and soothing when the sun shines, but a storm always comes and drowns any sign of life. She dove headfirst into the waters of their love for his words were so beautiful. Floating on her back she let him carry her deeper until the sky turned a stormy grey, and his waves crashed harshly around her. The girl swam fast, but her love would only drag her farther from the sandy shore that seemed so inviting. Finally, he trapped her underwater and there she sank slowly to the murky bottom, her once bright eyes closing for good. The boy calms himself and looked at what his mistakes had caused. Small waves sloshed around as he looked for the girl. When he saw her at last, his cries and frantic attempts to save her created a large wave that moved swiftly towards him. It covered the boy and sank him to the dark bottom where the girl lay.  When he landed next to her the wave dragged her body to shore. The lovers lay unmoving on their resting spots, both torn apart by a love that was supposed to last. Over the years the girl became the warm and sandy beach, and the boy became the unpredictable and icy water. Everyday his waves crash onto her in an apology and note of love, and she is left there to slowly give him back pieces of her heart that he once shattered.     


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