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Hello you who read this line! Have you had a smile today?

Noodle House

February 19, 2016

PROMPT: Everyday Magic

The crave for a warm slurp of noodles in a steaming bowl of savoury broth attracts my class like the Pied Piper's flute. Every Thursday, the 26 of us will ride our air-chariots, whipping our horses with all our might to be that lucky child to get Neverland in a lime-green bowl. The peony of happiness will uncurl its pink fronds in the Noodle stall auntie's heart, dyeing her cheeks a light rouge, blessing her with a smile. She takes our order and color-codes our bowls with a cornucopia of polyethene pegs, alerting the chef faerie to add a dash of chilli fireballs to some and an extra golden sun for others. She first cooks the noodles in a pot of enchanted liquid. The thermophilic mermaids carry secrets of deliciousness in their little brown satchels  and they tinker the internal structure of the noodles to make it match the structure hand-painted on the torn-and-tattered instruction sheet. Once done, the anchovies are released and they swim along with the youthful spring onions, getting to know each other better in a realm where all life remains forever young. A final dash of fairy dust completes the much-sought after delight as it feeds a famished high school senior released from the sauna of academic stress.


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