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The Giver

February 18, 2019

   Have you ever wanted to be completely absorbed into a book? So much so that by the time you finish reading it, you remember everything and nothing all at once? Ever wanted to allow a story to unfold before your eyes and all at once understand it and not at the same time? Lose every memory of the events, the charters, the place, as your mind fills with vivid yet colorless pictures trying to recapture the memory? Are you looking for a book that can wake you up from the world your living in and give you the kick start you need to begin your march towards reality?
   If so then you've stumbled across the right book. When I first read The Giver, I was engulfed into the story. The words provided such a vividly colorless frame of mind that I couldn't put the book down, yet at the same time my mind became so fully enveloped into the story that I couldn't comprehend what was going on, while I would be so completely sure of what was happening that I couldn't stop. The story was like a vivid fuzziness cut through by bone-chilling wind. I had never read anything like it before, it was such a new experience, reading it made me so engrossed in the character the world and the story.
   The main character Jonas was born into a world of "perfection" he is surrounded by friends who are grounded in the reality as much as Jonas and try to help him throughout his journey. The novel starts off slowly, introducing us the character and his world, typically I don't enjoy the first few chapters of a book to be written like this and this book is no exception. However, once you make it past the first chapter the novel begins to focus on the world inside the covers of the book. Though slow paced it uses this time to introduce the reader into the world of the story, setting firm pictures and laws in place. It is not until the ceremony that the story truly grabs hold of the reader and starts to show the reader the differences in Jonas's world from their own. This dystopian novel, a novel genre which means a story set in a world like our own that has been altered to become "perfect", is one to behold and to be reckoned as a well-written story. Creating real characters and grounding the reader in the world inside of the story.
   The Giver is a novel filled to the brim with twists and turns starting off with a gentle pace it keeps throughout, trapping the mind of the reader, switching their mind frame from color to black and white, causing even the reader to experience colors for what feels like the first time. The novel does such a good job of exploring the true and honest effects of a "perfect" world. Taking into account that to gain a truly equal world something must be sacrificed and that some things are not replaceable. To quote the Giver "They have never known pain, he thought"(pg 110).
   Pain, something that many of us would enjoy living without. However, without pain, there is no growth, we cannot learn from our mistakes, this is something that the Giver handles very well throughout the story. After having read the novel I felt more aware of what was going on in my own world, I was moved to begin looking into my own life and how my governing system was working. I felt like I needed to be aware of those over me and make sure that I knew what it was they were trying to make me believe. The novel left me with the feeling of being able to be the change in my own world and to wake up out the dull life I was living in.
   The novel focuses on the life of Jonas, showing where he has grown under the influence of his reining Government and how he believes everything they are telling him whole hardheartedly. He wants to do what's expected of him and become who he needs to be. Worried about the ceremony that will determine his future job, where he will work for the rest of his life, he asks his parents if they feel like they had received the right job. After a few words of condolences, he goes to the ceremony only to receive a job that killed the last person who was in the position. It is here that our hero begins to see things in a new light and here that he must begin to make decisions no one else has ever had to make.
    The Giver can be read over and over again, each time leading the reader through a new experience and helping to awaken them to the real world dangers in their lives that have been so meticulously ignored. Though written in the third person the wording used in The Giver allows the reader to feel as if they are the main character living in the story and learning of the events hidden under their nose.
   I recommend reading this novel when your one fourth through your list of books to conquer this year, it's a good book to take your time reading and break from the fast-paced novels. I would suggest that you take a few days to read it, even though it could be read in a day so that you can truly enjoy the story and its ideas. Overall The Giver is a novel worth reading, while it may not be your favorite it is still an enjoyable read and full of great examples of both world and character building.
                                                                                                                 Signing off for now your friend
                                                                                                                                                       - Writing Dragon

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