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Message to Readers

This is just something I wrote for a prompt in English, so any feedback would be amazing! I love constructive feedback so feel free to say whatever you like! :)

The Dive

February 4, 2019



I took a deep breath, tightened my snorkeland pushed off into the dark blue nothing. I felt the icy water running down my wetsuit and as I tried to get familiar with my surroundings. Although, diving was my profession and I dived almost every other day, the thrill of being underwaterstill got to me. My hands fumbled for my torch and my gloved fingers pressed the power button. A bright stream of light rushed out of the torch and into a narrow path in front of me. My eyes followed the sliver of light to a small fish about 10 metres to my left. Its silver fins glistened and shone and I could feel its small eyes staring at me. I propelled myself deeper and deeper into the ocean and I could see the boat on the surface getting smaller and smaller. Soon I felt like just a tiny speck in the vast blue canvas surrounding me. Then suddenly I was there, I had arrived at my destination; the remains of a colossal wooden ship. I saw its windows and the figurehead that resembled something like a mermaid. Looking closer, I made out tables and chairs inside the boat, signs of the life that once occupied it. And that’s when I heard it, the sound I would never forget; the sound of something, no someone, calling for help.  


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