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our glass tears

February 4, 2019


if I show you my glass tears
that condense in my misery and fall like rain
will you bottle them up
in a jar labeled 'pain' 
will you follow their perpetual tracks
from my lifeless eyes to my stained cheeks
and say the words
i'm too scared to speak
will you catch my shattered hope
on the rusted pages of your book
and turn to the waiting world
and tell them that they couldn't look
will you run towards the golden sun
that's draining of its lustrous glint
and capture its fading light
and pour it into a glass rimmed with peppermint
will you hold my face in your gentle hands
and tell me
'you have to feel pain
before you are free'
if i show you my glass tears
will you show me your own
and tell me that though we are broken
we are not alone.


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  • The Dreamer

    That's just beautiful!!! Well done! I think it's my new favourite poem.

    10 months ago
  • xXlunagirlXx

    Oi, I'm 14 too! And I definitely would try to help you so you don't feel alone... :)

    10 months ago