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something for valentine’s day, i suppose
feedback appreciated

a tiny romance

February 12, 2019


remember that day when we sat by the moon
while the silvery rays gripped our stomachs?
we were hand-in-hand; we looked like whispers
your hair stood straight against the curly sky
and my feet were stiff from sitting still
and your cheeks were misty against the morning.

but fears sprang into your mind, they twisted your eyes
and you spewed them into the starry air
love, you told me, i call you what you are
but i doubt your feet will ever move.

but the sun embraced, it mouthed the sky
and my lips breathed silk into your ears, reminding you:
someday i'd spin the stars
someday i'd finger the curves of the galaxies
and i’d call your name to the glistening heavens

you kissed me then, for only you knew
i would touch no galaxies in all of my days:
i’d spend the rest of my life
with you.


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  • Pi_Pen

    Wow, I was so entranced in this writing, it really did capture me. This is so incredibly beautiful. I honestly (really, I mean it) cannot (really, I just CANNOT) explain how incredibly beautiful this poem is. The description, everything. Wonderful. I especially love "i would touch no galaxies in all of my days:/i'd spend the rest of my life/with you." So wonderful, I just... I really can't explain it. It's just so wonderful. Splendid piece, you're an incredible writer!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Opal Drop

    This is beautiful writing. Portrayed absolutely wonderfully!

    almost 2 years ago