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Special Needs Awareness: the Steps We Must Take to Survive Today's Society

By: winterwolf0100

PROMPT: Strike

One of the main issues I see both in and out of school is discrimination and lack of awareness of individuals with special needs, such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, etc. My eyes have really opened the past couple of years to see how others treat those individuals, because my brother has autism, is in second grade, and is just starting to sound out three-letter words. It worries me how my brother will be treated, especially as his classmates and him grow older and the differences start to become more apparent to those who originally couldn't see them. Awareness for those with disabilities or special needs should be more a priority, both within school management and the government; I have seen, multiple times, children in my classes get bullied for being different, and looking back, I realize they were all children with special needs, and the bullies simply didn't know, which isn't an excuse, but it does add on to the problem. As Ican de La Fontaine once said, "Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend", and ignorance is killing both the calm environment we, as humans, naturally hope for, and the equality we are most striving to achieve, because if we can raise more awareness on special needs and disabilities, the world will be a brighter place because of it.

Please give me feedback; however, I don't want to know if you disagree, like I do on my fictional writing, because this is real, and if you don't agree with me, please keep it to yourself and out of the comments. Thank you for reading, and constructive (grammatical or revision) criticism is accepted in the comments! Have a good day!

Message to Readers

I am looking for any grammatical mistakes, or, if you think a sentence would sound better a different way, then you can comment that as well. Please leave any questions/concerns in the comments below; however, please refrain from negative comments towards those with disabilities/special needs or towards the topic of writing itself. Negative comments will be reported. Thank you for reading, and if you're up to it, write a peer review so I can make it even better!

Peer Review

So I read this and it is more of just an awareness thing and I would like to work more towards more appealing actions than just a prompt but I like this starting step.

I find this topic nice because being on the lower end of the autism spectrum, meaning I only have problems understanding social concepts, friends, emotions, and have a slight problem speaking, and I find it hard to be able to tell people of this for fear of being ridiculed and things of the sort so I am all for raising awareness.

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