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Genie Menschen

February 3, 2019

Genie Menschen, translated from German, means 'Genius People' in English, and rightly so. It is a small, tight-knit community within the heavily fortified forests of Germany where you'll find society's prodigies and highly intellectual beings. The city is small, but prosperous. There is no crime, no destruction and no war. Knowledge of this tranquil hideaway is not widely known, but to those who have heard of this place, they are driven to madness trying to find it. The city is incredibly bright and colourful, but its completely hidden inside its thick layer of trees, and in saying so, the people of this city receive no sunlight. Imagine if you will a dome of trees, large enough and stable enough to withstand the worlds greatest catastrophes. Within this dome is a tasteful metropolis with people whose skin is whiter than pearls. The only people to ever leave Genie Menschen, are the people known as the Sonne Einfangen (Sun Capture). These people capture sunlight in large jars, in which they use to light up the homes and buildings within their metropolis, and are darker in comparison to the majority of the city. Some people say this city is one of nightmares, and some spend their whole lives searching for it. The only thing known about this place is that no one knows about it for certain.


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