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By: Johanna


Sleeping becomes hard when your brain just won't quit.
too many ideas, too many words
ingrained in my head, whispering 
no, I cannot sleep
when there are ten, eleven, twelve
unfinished stories
waiting, waiting
for me to spill ink
oh, how do they do it?
finish a story? a novel? a book?
it will take me years, but years I will wait.

I didn't realize this until I finished the piece- this can be read both forward and backwards. Which one do you prefer?

Peer Review

This poem has so much to relate to, and the way you delivered it was fantastic. I think that, for some reason, it is really easy for me to picture this poem in my mind.

Nothing, except maybe the use of ... and italics would make it more interesting, but they're not really necessary.

Reviewer Comments

Yeah, I just read it backwards! Just as poetic.