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Region Respawn ^ Visions

February 2, 2019


Cooper never knew that lava didn't hurt.

    As he swam around in the magma, he was amazed that it didn't burn or singe him. He did not want to see the man again, so he swam to the bottom, finding he can breathe underwater, or underlava(Ugh, my puns are so lame). He spotted a big hole at the bottom. He swam through it and, surprisingly, appeared in a dry cave, with nothing but rock and stone. He dropped to the ground. He looked back but saw nothing but hard stone. He looked at himself, and saw that he was a different person entirely. He shrugged and kept walking forward. The path was dimly lit, and it took a while before Cooper's eyes had adjusted. He saw a light up ahead. As he kept walking forward, on the rocky and uneven path, the light became so bright he had to squint. Soon, he was walking blindly, feeling his way through. He could see the light clearly through his eyelids. 

    He tripped.

    Falling forward, he opened his eyes.

    And he was back, falling toward the volcano. He remembered what was happening. He didn't take any chances with swimming through lava and phased. Everything became blue outlines. Gravity lessened. He controlled his floating and drifted over to the edge of the volcano. He could feel the heat, but it wasn't too hot. Cooper jumped up using the edge and went up to where the man was. Cooper saw that the man was just a little figure on a huge floating platform, with many metal cages. When he got up through the hole he fell through, he punched the man in the face. Drifting closer, he added a kick to the stomach.

    When he phased again, he wasn't on the platform. 

    He was flying through the air at an incredible speed. He couldn't control himself this time. He looked at himself, and saw someone else completely. Cooper flew through the air, ducking, moving around, like Superman. Like he was looking for something. Or someone. 

    Then, instantly, he was back on the floating platform. He recovered from the sudden vision and remembered the man. Cooper got in a ready stance and blocked the oncoming punch. He punched the man in the jaw. The man fell back and rubbed his jaw.

    "Well, you're a persistent one," he said coldly. The fight continued, each one of them getting lucky punches or kicks. One time, Cooper phased and did about twenty kicks against the man's face. Then, when he phased back, realizing that phasing took some energy, the man transported some huge bricks above Cooper. He was barely able to dodge them, one skinning his leg. The battle heated quickly, Cooper phasing; The man transporting. Each one got more hurt and tired, but they kept fighting. Cooper thought about phasing and running away. But where would he run? He quickly discarded the idea. The fight continued. In the middle of the battle, a bright flash filled the room. 

    Temporarily blinded, the opponents stumbled around, confused and surprised. When their eyesight returned, one figure was standing between them. He had gloves too, but his ring was filled with magma. Cooper recognized him immediately. He was the head thug of the gang Cooper encountered. He grabbed Cooper's throat with his right hand. He seized the man's shirt collar with his left hand and clenched it. 

    Cooper, the man, and the thug disappeared, off to another destination, but this time on the thug's home ground.
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