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February 22, 2019


Hello, so here are the questions I got and some answers for you all! <3

1. Are you a Jesus follower? -Jae
Yup, I'm Catholic.

2. What inspires you to write? -Jae
Just a way to get my words out on paper, since I'm not very talkative, compared to my sibling's XD

3. Celebrity crush? -Jae
Ahah, oh boy, let's see... I wouldn't say I HAVE a celebrity CRUSH, really, I just like some celebrities because they are, good celebrities? Anywho, they would be Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Dr. Strange, and more), Martin Freeman (Marvel, The Hobbit, and whatnot), Tom Holland (Spider-man, etc), Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor, other), Colin Morgan (MERLIN, the Huntsman, etc), yeah that's my list! XD

4. Favorite show?  - Catlover
I have about 5 favorites, in random order below (or in secretly-like order):
- Merlin
- Sherlock
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine
- Stranger Things
- Galavant

5. Do you like anime?  - Catlover
Eh, I can't say I know much about anime. My friends are all super ANIME!! fans, but I've never really found a liking to it. Maybe that's cuz I don't know what it is... 

6. When did you start writing? - Catlover
I started trying it maybe 4 years ago, but I got the hang of it about a year ago :D

7. Other than Percy Jackson, what's your favorite book or series? - spearmint
Other than Percy Jackson?? Oh man, why? Okay, let's see... I love "Keeper of the Lost Cities" by Shannon Messenger, AMAZING series, everyone should read it! Also, "Harry Potter" (no surprise) and I've read a LOT of books but "Warcross" by Marie Lu is a great one too. 

8. What is your favorite season? Why?  - Majestically Awkward Manatee
I like the season of fall, and the reason for that is because that's when nature is at this really big adapting stage. It doesn't seem interesting (oh wow leaves are falling! And yellow!! type) but I do love it because of the lengths nature is going to to survive. It's a really awe-inspiring process, in its own special way.

9. If your life was a movie, what would the title be? - Majestically Awkward Manatee
 Hm... I think "Humdrum" because, well, I can't say my life is SUPER interesting, not by a long shot, it's about as normal as it gets. It'd be cool if my life something more along the lines of Journey or Adventure, but I can't say it is.

10. What word best describes your personality? - Majestically Awkward Manatee
Ahh, I love this one. Definitely DREAMER, 100%. 

11. Who is your favorite musician? (band, singer, duet, whatever) - green.eyes.gurl
I love Imagine Dragons, they are pure genius! I'm not too picky about music, so I have a wide range (pop, jazz, movie soundtracks) but Imagine Dragons does take the prize =D

12. Favorite school subject? - green.eyes.gurl
Definitely band, it the only one I'm not at least a little bored in. I play the flute and am learning the piccolo, so it's fun!

13. Most embarrassing moment in school? - green.eyes.gurl
I don't think I can answer this one, I do embarrassing things all the time! :D 

14. Have you ever went hunting?  - Ryder
Can't say that I have, but it would be cool. My friend has done it though, I've asked her to describe every detail MANY times :D

15. Rode a horse? - Ryder 
I HAVE, among the best experiences EVER! It wasn't much, but I can tell you, it was so amazing <3

16. Favorite sandwich?  - Budding Mae
Hmm, I like avocado and cheese sandwiches, or just guacamole in general. Mexican at heart and, well, actually Mexican!! XD

17. Favorite movie series (if you like any)? - Budding Mae
Definitely Marvel movies, I love them all! If I am to specify, the Avengers are cool. 

18. Weirdest dream ever, if you can remember it? - Budding Mae
Man, I have had over a lifetime of strange dreams and way too many nightmares for one! As for weird dreams, everything from talking critters to just random things happening all at once to coconuts taking over the world (no joke)! XD

19. A hobby besides writing? - Quille
I'm an Air Cadet and that has become my second life (other lives: school, writing). I love it, it's definitely an experience to remember, and I hope to continue to improve in it.

20. What three colors would you use to describe yourself/personality? - Quille
1: Sea Green   2: Fire color (cuz red doesn't cut it :)   3: Drake's neck 

21. What's one of your favorite songs? - Quille
"Walking the Wire" by Imagine Dragons

22. How many times can you repost a piece before it becomes unethical?  - Zixdude
I'm just gonna say go with your heart! If YOU think you should repost your piece, go ahead! Just don't repost every two seconds, thanks ;)

23. What do you look for when you decide whether or not to follow someone? - Zixdude
I look for passionate writers, and as of now, I haven't found a single non-passionate writer on WTW. Everyone is different, but we all have our own inspiration. 

24. What's your favorite music album? - Zixdude
"Smoke and Mirrors" by Imagine Dragons

25. Opinions on fan fiction?  - Johanna
If you got an idea, go for it. I honestly don't read a lot of it, but it's a form of writing. Just understand the laws before you start, which I don't, so probably not the best person to talk about it :)

26. Favorite Youtuber? - Johanna
Don't watch a lot of youtube either, but Lindsey Stirling is an amazing violinist. 

27. Favorite genre of movies, books, and music? - Johanna
Books: Fantasy      Movies: Science Fiction     Music: Movie soundtracks :P

28. Should pineapple be on pizza?  - Paperbird
Honestly, I don't get it =P

29. Top ten favorite songs? - Paperbird
Mostly Imagine Dragons with a few Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band here and there :)

30. Where does most of your inspiration come from?  - Dmoral13
Hmm, books and personalities of my closest friends. What I write is normally fictional, but the feelings and characters have to be real for the message to pull through. 

31. What genre do you love writing, and why is it so special? - Dmoral13
I believe that dreams carry the foundation of the world, basically, so write a genre of fiction. I read a LOT, so most of my dreams are somewhat fictional with a bit of a message, which is why I enjoy writing it so much.

32. Does it get frustrating if you are unable to recall an idea you had in your mind sometime earlier? - Dmoral13
YES!! I've learned though, I carry a notebook wherever I go :D

33. Have you read the hunger games?  - palindrome
It's on my to-read list, which is HUGE by the way, so no not yet.

34. (Follow up!) Gale or Peeta (or neither)? - palindrome
By my very thorough research (which was approx. 48 seconds) Peeta. He's just so likable! <3 :D

35. Poetry or stories?  - palindrome
Well, I like to write both. I normally do more story, but it really depends on the topic and the best way to convey your thoughts.

36. Books or movies? - palindrome
Movies are great (especially Marvel stuff) but I gotta say BOOKS, definitely. 

37. What's your favorite Halloween candy?  - asteria
Candy corn, super unhealthy but it's great! :)

38. Do you have any pets? - asteria
Nope. I used to have baby sharks though. They ate each other :/

39. most recent book recommendation? - asteria
"Dividing Eden" and its sequel, "Eden Conquered" by Joelle Charbonneau. It's sort of a magic-medieval fantasy book about a struggle for the throne between two twins.

40. What is the meaning of life? (Or at least, your best guess?) - D.B.Quaginn
Simply put, I don't know. Some say happiness, some say experiences, but I'm still in the process of figuring it out, not the scientific explanation, just the one that I find most resonates with my understanding. 

41. What is the most important thing in the world? - D.B.Quaginn
I don't think there is one over all the others, but family, or people you care about, is definitely a big one for me. And writing. That's important too :D

42. Who is your Favourite Rick Riordan Character? - D.B.Quaginn
Ahhh, why?? There are so many awesome characters! LEO VALDEZ takes the prize, though. The comical, latino, scrawny kid with a dragon who can basically fix anything... yup, he's pretty great :)

Thanks to everyone with the questions, they were all so much fun to answer! Hope your curiosity was satisfied... :D 
Peace out <3


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  • D.B.Quaginn

    I am totally with you about Leo Valdez!

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Awesome! (red totally doesn't cut it to describe fire and sea green is beautiful ;) Also have a huge to-read list :).

    about 1 year ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    3: All of your top three are A+! I can't say I've heard of the other two XD
    4: Sherlock and Stranger Things YES
    13: Me too XD
    16: Avocado and cheese. *rubs chin thoughtfully* I haven't tried that. It sounds good though!
    17: Wooohoo
    18: I died laughing, oh my gosh
    27: Movie soundtracks are amaziiiing
    38: You had baby sharks??? Holy whaaaaa

    about 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Yeah, I have to agree with you; Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are great! I don't have a celebrity crush on them either (like what even is a celebrity crush??), so I'm in the same boat as you :D

    about 1 year ago
  • Dmoral13

    Great answers! I carry notebooks too, I have sooooooo many

    about 1 year ago
  • weirdo

    I love Tom Holland too. But, I only have a best friend crush on him (which technically isn't a crush; I just want him to be my best friend!!!)

    about 1 year ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    Marvel, HP, PJHOO, Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

    about 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom


    about 1 year ago