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February 12, 2019


we've arrived!  i'm not going to pretend three hundred followers was surprising when i logged on this morning––of course i was watching the numbers tick up there, sticking in certain places, rocketing in others.  but if i think back to when i first joined write the world––boy, i would not have expected to reach even one hundred, let alone pass my third triple digit milestone.  when i first got an account in october 2017 i wasn't really expecting anything special––i thought the website might become passing obsession.  but it's turned into so much more than that and i am so grateful.

normally people hold contests at a milestone like this.  or else they copy and paste their "followers" list into the space below with a quick "go check these people out!"  but i realized that you guys need more recognition than that––like, tons more.  you're all really amazing people.
so i decided to go through my own "followers" list, but i'm writing something for every person.  there's a shortcut, though, to ensure i'm not here all night: i'm not going to be writing something for anyone who's inactive or whose name i don't recognize.

(command f for username)

RainAndSonder - i mean, maybe this one's self-explanatory.  they were the person that recommended wtw to me, so naturally they were my first follower and consistent supporter.  they also write amazing short stories; you should check out "my mother's smoke-shapes."  rainandsonder writes beautiful and visceral poetry, too––try "stay awake, or writing a poem at 3am, which would contribute to the problem i suppose" and "yellow is for happiness, roses are for love".
Kaitlyn ❄  - sadly inactive, but i still remember the great days of kaitlyn.  she was like president here or something––a giant celebrity.  always gonna miss her; still hoping she'll come back!
--RosieOnTheRun (from reality)-- - writes amazing poetry!!  check out "christmas robin"
Glytch Montoya - i miss this dude so much!!  still hoping he's gonna come back but it's looking unlikely at this point.  he was one of the funniest people here.
RedWriter - she publishes sporadically but her pieces are compelling and beautiful.  i remember––she was here when i first joined, always something of an idol.
.queen elizzi - writes freaking beautiful things.  she's been here for a while now.  her poems, particularly the romance, is really well-written.
BlueWriter - just recently went inactive.  i always found bluewriter really inspirational––i mean, i'm closeted queer, and bluewriter basically logged their experiences on the matter for months.  it was awesome. 
Vanilla - anything she writes is awe-inspiring and beautiful.  she's been recognized by write the world a few times, and she's just an amazing user here.  i recommend "i've been learning in different ways"––it, like all of her writing, is wondrous.
Jasonthewriter - recently went active again!
AbigailSauble - this person's been here for a super long time, and she's published so much amazing work.  i would recommend her short descriptions and poetry––she's really talented.  also her profile pic is really well drawn, but that's beside the point.
Aravis Tarkheena - used to be a constant supporter of my writing.  we disagree on a lot of things but really anything she writes is well-formatted and interesting.
16missing  - very popular quite a while ago.  writes really cool stuff.
Gabriel Goodwin - another wtw veteran!  he publishes sporadically but all of his stuff is really artistic and impressive.  he's been featured writer.  recently he did a compilation of all of his work and i recommend that you check it out––he's got a lot of really awesome pieces.
korra4life - amazing person––super kind and inspirational, and a fellow daydreamer.  she's really supportive of everyone, too.  her writing is raw and lyrical––definitely worth a read.
camlily - my favorite work of hers is "sinking ships".  it's simple, slightly odd, but it's brilliant.  she's constantly liking other people's work, giving good advice, writing awesome things.
Tequilamockingbird22 - sporadically active; writes well.  check them out!
Dani A. Remlap - really supportive, writes well
LyraLynne - her poem "oddly enough..." completely blew my mind, to be honest.  the voice used is passionate and compelling.  she's an awesome person, very inspiring, and has got tons of great work.
Aspen Gray - this person isn't active anymore, but i had to include her because i remember being in complete awe of her poetry.  i highly recommend "hummingbird" and "you".  she's got a voice that's masterful and mature––like a professional poet.  i miss her writing so much... fingers crossed she'll come back.
MyShotPotter - fellow potterhead, sadly also inactive.
JediKnightGirl - hasn't been on for a couple months now, but she was a really interesting voice.  it sounds random, but i really liked her panic! contest––the idea was so original and it produced great results.
.audrey michelle. - recently turned into more of a celebrity.  her work is hilarious and her poems are well-written.
A Breath Into Silence - i really love "snowy forest"––it's a beautiful poem, well crafted, perfect in its simplicity.  most of her writing is like that––simple and perfect.
Plausible.Poems - amazing writer!!  i recommend "control".
Surly Wombat - "we were okay" is beautiful.  she's been on for a while and her work continues to amaze.
Isabella Swenson - won my contest a little while ago.  all of her work is so eloquent... would definitely recommend.
Aussie23 - awesome person!!!!  and she just recently returned.  i've been reading her series "stillwater"; it's really good.
-writinginhopesofsomeday- - i recommend "ink".  her style is interesting and compelling-–great writer.
Fidgetsally - used to be really active, constantly supporting and a notable celebrity.  it's always so sad when they leave.
INVISIBL3 - i recommend "psych ward".  her bio is really cool, too.
Ellie! - i've entered in most of her contests and q&as.  her writing is really good, too; "just watch" is a definite must-read.
rosemarywisdom - she's been here for a really long time and continues to amaze!  she is constantly constantly constantly supporting people; she's liked over 3k pieces and counting.  my favorite think rosemary wisdom's written is probably "being a writer", just 'cause it's so relatable and true.
Luna Lemon - i've said this like a million times, but luna lemon is a great person.  she makes it a mission to leave a detailed and complimentary comment on every single piece she likes.  and also her writing.  it's beautiful.  "days of wonder", "ghost stories", "spiderweb"... there are so many great pieces that she has, all written eloquently and with beautiful narrative.
Alylee03 - recently won my contest with the sentence "let us love the ones who hate us, and hate the ones who make us stronger."  there's so much depth in her words!
Johanna - constant support, brilliant writer.  i really recommend her most recent piece––"no luxurious blossom needs a map; but alas, i do."
omicron7889 - everything by them is magnificent!  "the infinite" in particular––the words are so vividly used.
nezi_nes - great writer, supports other people.  some of the poems by this writer are just masterful––beautiful and intense.
banjo - such. a. great. writer.
Catlover - this writer used to be active constantly.  she's toned down a bit but she's still supporting other people a lot and writing excellent poems.  i love her work.
Maya! - her writing is eloquent and intuitive.  i would recommend a piece but all of them are great, really.  if i had to pick one, i suppose "snowfall" is one of my favorites.  but they're all so good!
nevaredhp - i really like "thoughts from a bus ride".  writes really cool stuff!
Secret Rose - placed in my contest a while ago.  writes well!
_TJNR@cheshire_ - was my reviewing assignment partner a while ago.  i really recommend her writing!
she's-got-a-story - one of my favorite writers on this site.  the way she plays with words is so interesting and eloquent.  her best piece by far is "the three stages of my life & the seven rules of pizzelles."  the metaphors are intensely woven... it's just an altogether great work of writing.  most of her other stuff is like it, too––"birthday cake" and "instructions for a deep-sea exploration" are other really good works.
lianhabanana! - great writer!
stripedfly1001 - this is from a while ago, but i really recommend "i can wait a little longer"; it's an interesting narrative.  good debater, consistent supporter of other work, and, most especially, great writer.
Anha - this person constantly supports my work, and the work of so many others.  i am in absolutely awe of her latest piece "lemon weeds in my head".  it might be the best thing i've read this month.  truly, her writing is beautiful––there are no words.  other good pieces by her include "pigeon wings", "beautiful woman", and "you terrify me with your intensity, so i decided to write poetry about you".  she's one of my writing idols on this site.  i can't emphasize it enough.  read. her. work.  it's. so. good.
ollieollie - she's inactive but she won a cwc contest and her writing is beautiful and interesting.
Kahasai - she's been on wtw for about the same period of time as i have.  and her writing is impressive.  i highly recommend "the reed children ~ a short story".  she's really good at writing flash fiction, short stories, and novels.
annie_cheng - was my reviewing partner!  her writing is wondrous.  i think her best work is "trains", but her piece for the #lifelemonsprompt is also really good, and, i don't know, everything she writes!  her profile is definitely worth a visit.  and she's a fellow harry potter lover.
muppet - amazing writer!  check out her work!
Quille - really cool person!  recently became a huge celebrity here.  i'd recommend elfboy, of course, and her poetry.  i recommend "an ending"; great figurative language.
kaydenblue - won my first contest.  i would highly, highly, highly recommend "the internal monologue of a seamstress", the winning piece.  it makes interesting points about society in a thoughtful and eloquent fashion.  a lot of their other work is great, too––check out "dance" and "be my breath".
Xen - great writer!  i recommend "a minuscule rhythm".
Mary Wall - awesome writer, supporter, and debater.  i really like her short pieces.
Grace Croken - veteran here, but she still publishes sometimes.  her piece "for better or for worse, we have changed" is really good.
Kenny - won corner writing club's contest.  their entry is titled "#cwcfirstcontest", and it's hilarious.  my favorite piece of theirs is "night breeze".  it. is. so. beautiful.  i have no words for it, really.  just really wondrous language.
ChairsRAwesome - more of a supporter of a writer, but altogether an awesome person!
Your Local Flynn - really funny guy.  i suggest "glass brother".  all of his stuff is really cool.
Budding Mae - constantly active.  some of her poems are really meaningful.  check out her writing!
Darth Plagueis The Wise66 - is leaving soon i think, and will definitely be missed.  he's published a ton of work, motivational quotes, and fanfic.
Majestically Awkward Manatee - i really like her color series, particularly "purple", and "beautiful".  she has a certain way with poetry that's just beautiful.
AudienceOfOne - fellow harry potter lover!  her poetry is great, as well.
Avin - not so active anymore, but was really funny and wrote interesting stuff.
PureHeart - i really like "i want everyone to read this", and props to her for supporting the community like that.  other must-reads include the six-word story "worthless words" and "ode to wonder".
user not found - publishes random things that blow your mind.  check out their page.  your life will be changed.
green.eyes.gurl - she feels like the new kaitlyn to me.  she's always supporting people, writing great poetry, great short stories, and social things.  and all of her stuff is really motivational.  her piece "sometimes" is so relatable.
R.j.Elsewhere - one of my favorite writers ever here.  everything she writes is just so brilliantly clever.  her very best work is "howdoyoulikeyourcoffee" but "he wrote love letters in the stars but she forget her glasses - it happens" is also playful and hilarious.  her poetry is also beautiful.  "i thought we would let the past burn - not grow" is a must-read.  i just love everything she writes––it's got humor and also blatant candor.
Ruthh - another one of my favorite people here.  i mean, just her bio is brilliant.  if you're a debater, i'd recommend "no woman has an abortion for fun", because it's a very compelling argument.  i'd say my favorite piece of hers is "i see you in the sky, i see you in the grass".  it's practically professional.  everything she writes is clever, honest, and a display of remarkable skill.
AminahMcBina - i miss mina so much!!  any time i think of her i go back to her profile and reread "of odes and woes".  it's a piece unlike any other.  if you haven't read it, what are you even doing, you need to read it.  i think "the light of the sky, oh how it lies! / woe to the false blue, and blinding bright / ode to the dark hues and blackest night" is the best line.  the rhymes are intense, the meaning holds true––it's worthy of edgar allen poe or ernest hemingway.
Misfit - i love "hatred".  check out their profile!
The Bubbling Pen - their very best piece is "the right to - a respected - life" in my opinion, because it's so well-formatted and eloquent, but it's kind of controversial.  i also recommend the poetry and short stories from this user.  masterful!
Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill - i started reading "a kingdom of chaos" and it's honestly brilliant.  i also love "elipsism".
ProcrastinatingWriter  - fellow harry potter lover!  check out her debates, too.
Mangolover - really supportive, writes really well
m.n.b - won second in my first contest.  the entry might be her best work––it's titled "young again" and the dialogue works so smoothly, the emotion conveyed so well.  i also definitely recommend "searching"; it's an interesting sort of journey.
jengelman - writes. so. beautifully. i. can't. even.  the romance poems absolutely kill.
Lee Fudge - his short stories are hilarious.  and the puns.
artificialaorta - i'm so sad that they're inactive!!  everything they wrote was so just so well-made.  you have to check out "sharp as a"; it's wondrous.
Made4Love - not as active anymore.  i recommend "you are more".  it's a great poem, for religious and non-religious people alike.  she also constantly supports other people.
Ursa Rover - great writer!  check out "the cat".
palindrome - writer of simple and beautiful poems, and always supports other people's work.
asteria - the poetry is really simple and really pretty.  my favorite is "nightmare".
AJ - Izzy - recently wrote a killer sentence for my contest that was featured in the honorable mentions.  if you haven't seen it, it's just beautiful.  has always been really supportive of me.
Big Blue - the voice with which this writer writes is fascinating, and the whole third person aesthetic is great.
Julius Caesar - awesome writer + fellow fob & p!atd fan!  i recommend her piece "good side".
loveletterstosappho - words do not express how much i admire this writer.  an absolutely must-read is "carbon monoxide"; the metaphors are intense and the language is beautiful.  and she's always really supportive of me as well as a bunch of other people.  having over 400 likes and 8 published work is a really impressive scale––it shows how much this writer loves to read and support, as well as write.
AntChanel - less active now, i think, but his poems are always worth a read.
Rose, Thorn - great writer!  i recommend "fields".
Xavier Nelson - "boys" nearly made me cry, i swear.  you have to read it; it's truly heartbreaking.  anything of his is worth checking out, really.  all of his stuff is so cool.
Juliana - writes really cool stuff!
Dmoral13 - i entered this dmoral13's contest and they're really nice and supportive.  their stuff is definitely worth a read, too.
spearmint - i recommend "music".  all of their work is amazing, and they're really supportive!
Puppet_Master - "tiny love story - lgbtq+ version" is really cool.  and all of her poetry in the form of questions is emotional and true.
CuriosityKilledTheCat - awesome person, great writer too!
Oscar_Locke - some of the best poetry i've ever read.  and not just here.  like, ever.  the poem "icebox", which is about something completely ordinary, is just so good.  it honestly changed my life and the way i even look at poems.  it feels so unfair that only 9 people have read "icebox"––it belongs to the world!  i would also recommend "a late night prayer" and "what it's like to - ".  this writer is truly masterful in everything they do!  words cannot describe how much i respect them.
MimiChoudhury - fellow harry potter lover!  i loved her contest.
cosmiclatte - i most admire this writer for her film reviews.  "experiencing torturous serenity in a quiet place" is nothing short of professional.  even her review of the piece "mary poppins returns" is so interesting to read, and displays a true knack for formal writing in general.
acrosstheskysky - another of my favorite writers!  the most recent piece by them is "loser", and it really gets to your heart.  i also really like "friend".  emotionally heavy.
The Critic  - i love this person for doing what they're doing.  we really don't have enough worthwhile reviews in this place.
ghostlyglory - i admire this writer so much.  her very best poem is "a hypothetical love poem", but "i think i get this anger from you" and "five minutes ago i wrote this in red pen" are also just so good.  ghostlyglory writes with a style that's complicated, figurative, and powerful.  it feels worthy of markus zusak or a great poet.  i'm so fortunate to be on the same website as her writing because it's truly changed my life.
Writers of the World - amazing club; so glad there's someone to take over cwc!
Christy Wisdom - all of her poems and everything are amazing.  amazing.  she's very profilic, but favorites include "wolves" and "i walk alone".  she has a knack for line spacing and vocabulary usage that's just brilliant.
JCWriter - always really supportive of me, writes in a style that's both eloquent and humorous.
Opal Drop - fellow harry potter lover!  i recommend "green grass".
fatpanda - so glad that there are people to continue writing clubs!  this person is a really awesome writer; i recommend "toxic (ii)".
TheOriginalEliza™ - great writer + person!
Araw - i love "the way we mourn".  araw has been on write the world for a long time, and i love everything she writes!
Ryder - "rainbow" is one of my favorite pieces on this site.  there's something about it that's so creative and beautiful.  the ideas fit together.  this person is a great writer and person.  check out her work!
EAurora - this writer is so inspirational.  "kiln" is the best poem i've read in a long time.  everything about it––the figurative language, the metaphor, the tone, is lovely.  eaurora's writing is wondrous.
Pi_Pen - a best friend in real life.  i'm so happy she's joined write the world!  great debater, killer poet.  i think pi_pen's best work so far is "questions".  the broken up lines work excellently with the narrative.  i can't wait to see what else pi comes up with!
MyBrokenSmile - i only recently met this writer, but she's an awesome person.  join the "i'm lonely, ok?" chat!
ethereal.otherworldly - ethereal.otherworldly's writing is so beautiful.  i love her poems and prose.  i think my favorite thing of hers is "bi-sex-u-al-i-ty"; the metaphor is so interesting.

alright i'm like 99% certain i left someone outta that and if it's you i'm so, so sorry.  if i forgot to mention any of my followers that are significant can you please notify me in the comments so that i can write something about them there?

thank you so much for 300 followers.  y'all mean the world to me.


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  • paperbird

    okay, i've read your work. i love "gunshot" and "palpitation cup". all of your writing is so elegant and detailed; you're truly talented!

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    i'm so so sorry!! i think i accidentally missed you because you're a relatively new user and i didn't recognize your username. will read your work/comment about you asap!

    over 1 year ago
  • Aldrich

    First off, congratulations on your well-deserved milestone! I was scrolling through your account simply because of your published works. And, yes, I came in the comments to congratulate you and to let you know that I am one of your followers and I was missing. Just wanna say I am in no way offended but I truly accept your apology. I would appreciate if you spend time reading my works, and please let me know how I could improve my writing! Thank you so much! :) Congratulations once again!

    over 1 year ago
  • asteria

    awww congrats Paperbird!!!! you deserve all the follows :)

    over 1 year ago
  • engi_aek

    this is crazy I could SWEAR I was following you?! i have been reading your pieces for such a long time, and it is some of the best and most beautiful work on the site. you deserve 300 followers, congratulations!!! also now i have new reading, with all the writers you showcased, thank you! xxxxxxxxx hope you get 300 more

    over 1 year ago
  • inkandstars

    Thank you so much! Congratulations on the well deserved fame and followers!!!

    over 1 year ago
  • acrosstheskysky

    congratulations on 300 followers, it's definitely well-deserved!! also you wrote so much for your followers which is really thoughtful of you!

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    thank you both!

    over 1 year ago
  • Quille

    jdsjfoinlakjtroehaojlnnvlzhyohntlaqubk/jhfkjb --- my favorite words to describe how I feel right now XD
    That is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats & keep on rockin', dude :DDDDDDD

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    ...oof. how tf did you manage to pull this off so quickly?? i'm still trying to pull off my 160 follower thank you piece, and i'm not even halfway done. but cONGRATS!!! never doubted you'd make it this far, which makes it all the more sad when the day comes that we'll have to let you go (not that that day is that close, you've still got a few more years, if you so choose). looking at all the flattering comments you left for my friends and favourite writers is amazing. honestly this piece just sums up how much you mean to our community - how much you tie us all together. the fact that you recognise amazing but still relatively young writers (when it comes to their time here) is truly a testament of how involved you are - loveletters and ghostlyglory are two of my favourite writers here and i'm so glad you acknowledge them too!! r.j. would be flattered with what you wrote lol, and of course, it's all true (blatant candor tho, damn good phrase). anyways, i'm rambling. tl;dr - congrats on 300 followers! and many more to come!

    over 1 year ago
  • Onion3102

    I literally can't believe I wasn't following you!!! ACH

    over 1 year ago
  • Dani A. Remlap

    Thank you so much for the shout out. You're such a talented writer, I'm not at all surprised by your number of followers.. Congratulations!

    over 1 year ago
  • paperbird

    thank you for all of the kind comments! you all mean the world to me; your writing makes my day.

    over 1 year ago
  • Mary Wall

    Thanks for the shout out! Congratulations on 300 followers! This is an awesome idea and way more personal than any other shout i've seen.:)

    over 1 year ago
  • ghostlyglory

    oh my god i think you must be an angel. you are so so sweet. i literally can't aslgkjalskgjoiewrlkwejt thank you for your kind words and BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! you deserve this!! you are so special and talented!!!!!

    over 1 year ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    congratulations and you are INCREDIBLE, doing this for all these people must have taken a long time so thank you for that!! i have some new people to go check out :)
    thank you for your kind words about my writing, as well. it means so much to me!

    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Wow, congrats, Paperbird! Your words mean so much to me, like for real. I was going through so much when I wrote "Of Odes and Woes," and I'm so happy you enjoyed. Thank you for taking the time to even mention me; because honestly, I feel I shouldn't have been. You're a really amazing person, I hope you know that. You're an amazing, influential, and aspiring authour. You truly deserve every single one of your followers.


    over 1 year ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Whoaaa, 300!! That's awesome! And thanks so much for the mention, I'm glad you like my poetry. :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Oh, did you see, yet? Mina's back!

    over 1 year ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    Oh wow, congrats!! Thank you for being such an incredible writer, and you deserve every single one of those follows!
    Always write FREE!! <3

    over 1 year ago
  • artificialaorta

    aha oh man i see this just as i return from my hiatus. hopefully not gone for a long time anymore! congrats on the insane follower count, you deserve it!

    over 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Congratulations! You're an amazing writer :) It's so sweet of you to take the time to talk about your followers! Thanks for the kind comments, they really mean a lot to me.

    over 1 year ago
  • TheOriginalEliza™

    You are so dedicated and talented at what you do. Keep writing and sharing! We'll be here with you the whole way!!! <3

    over 1 year ago
  • Julius Caesar

    hearts and stars fellow fan :D

    over 1 year ago
  • f l o r a

    fjdjdjswj- you deserve everything given to you, bro, honestly.

    over 1 year ago