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every poem is a different style, leave me and my everchanging existence alone

lessons for my daughters

February 1, 2019


i. if you have to fight (and you will), fight as if it is the only thing you know how to do.

ii. do not trust men blindly. some are good but some carry hate in their hearts and blood on their knuckles and were never taught to love like they should have been.

iii. you owe your life to the earth. love her and care for her beyond all but your own children. she loves you, and she bore our foremothers beneath her maple leaf skin and eyes like the end of the earth. take pride in being born of the earth. they will tell that people born of god overcometh of the world, but let us reply that we are the world and no god need bless us.

iv. worship emotion in ever form. it is better to feel pain than to feel nothing, and to live without suffering is not living.

v. we are ocean-witches, my loves. no man controls us. take pride in coming from a culture of women that protect and fight and know how to bleed. everything comes from the womb of our fore-mother, and though men may be great they will never be gods like women.

vi. love beyond all else. give love as if it is everything in the world and accept it just as gladly. worship love higher than all else, even our goddess. love is made of the deep grey mountains and the green blue sea where our inmost being was formed.
i swear i'm not a misandrist you guys i love men (mostly)


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  • she's-got-a-story

    when your country changes to spain that means it's legit

    9 months ago
  • queerquotes

    Words carried by thunder and sent out by lightning. I love this.

    9 months ago
  • paperbird

    complete fangirl of your work, as always

    9 months ago