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A Shattered Crown- Part 2

February 3, 2019


    That damned book did this all. William drained the rest of his drink. 

    Sparky stood suddenly. He spoke about how this wasn't supposed to happen. The ouija board started spelling something out. Robin started saying something, but nobody had listened. They were putting together what had been spelled. 
    The board piece moved back to goodbye. 
    The three looked at each other, wondering what a key would do for them. William suddenly sprinted towards the door. He tried to open it, but there was a gust of something that threw him backward. He wouldn't be able to open it anyways. The door was locked. 
    They needed a key to open it. 
    The three ran up a grand staircase that had gone unnoticed before. There was an open space, housing many more stains. William fell behind the others- noticing a strange book laying next to a stain. He skidded to a stop, and the book was safely clutched to his chest as he caught up with his friends. They ran down a hall and pivoted into a room. A bedroom. A teenager seemingly lived in here due to the sheer amount of bookwork evident in the room. 
    William threw the book down onto a desk snugged into a corner. He started to read through the pages, realizing that the book was only written partially in English. The rest of it was written in Latin. 
    It seemed to be luck that Robin knew how to read it. He had studied it for years- but when he looked at the book... 
    The young male known as Robin Ross screamed. He had always been known for being quiet. Rumor has it that he didn't even cry when he was a child. 
    William had been thankful when he stopped screaming. Sparky started barricading the door after Robin stopped. The thing that awoke might be able to get in. That would never be good. 
    Robin clutched his throat as he hovered over the book. 
    "One of us should be in charge of this," he coughed out. William looked to his friend and grimaced. The man that spoke looked to Sparky. "Back me up on this, dude!" 
    Sparky looked annoyed as he looked between the males. "William should hold onto it. We can read through it as we try to find this "key" and when we have time to kill."
    A flash and a low rumbling sound made its way throughout the house. It was raining. 
    A long night awaited them. 

    William walked home briskly after the club closed. He kept his thoughts to a minimum. He didn't like to think. He didn't like to feel. 
    It was 3 in the morning- a perfect time for disaster. 
    He just hoped that that book wasn't open on a table again. 
    Not when had burned it again the morning before. 
This seems to be more of a filler chapter, so that's fun. 
I wasn't intending on putting dialogue here- 

Either way, stay tuned. 


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  • Johanna

    This is creepy...

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