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I'm not sure what I was thinking writing this, but I just had to jot it down :D I suppose it's just a whisper from my mind <3

The Whispers Of My Mind

February 1, 2019


disclaimer: though we may be (of essence) the same in physicality, you are not me and i am not you. 

i.      i think there is something beyond

ii.     beyond the tears, the doubt, the questioning

iii.    if we cannot know happiness without sadness, surely there is a way to experience exultation amidst despair

iv.    the sun rises with a silvery gleam in the east, yet it sets with a warm aura of purples and reds in the west. maybe, in the same way, we can reinvent ourselves, morphing through the day

v.    the bottlebrush flower burns in the fire, but is renewed the next day. and so, my passions - my interests - must never fade, but instead be revived by the fight, by the struggles of life

vi.   like the fluorescent yellow pencil that stands tall in my metal cylinder, my beliefs will rise firmly

vii.  just as much as i am the same as any other human - with eyes and a nose, with hair and toes - i am unique in my thoughts and imagination

viii. there is one constant in life, one person you are in control of. that person is yourself

ix.   the past cannot be changed and the future is out of reach, but the present is in your hands. if you want more, want to achieve more, want to simply be more, you have the ability to change

x.    i think there is something beyond


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  • Johanna

    Beautifully inspiring- I love how the start and the ending is the same.

    over 1 year ago
  • Eyes Wide Open

    Wow! I am by no means an expert, but I find your use of words very precise (and quite satisfying). Makes for beautiful poetry. I've read this three times already, and I keep getting new things from it. Great piece!

    over 1 year ago