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You may be wondering what makes me different from you or the person in the corner? Well not a lot really, I write on here, on Wattpad, and singing is my life. I'm striving to one day perform on Broadway... hopefully. I honestly just love feedback!

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The Mocking's of a Scar

August 9, 2015

PROMPT: Story of a Scar

It lives with me, reminds me and makes me want to forget. It never leaves my side, even though how many times I try to push it away. It's a scar, a scar I shall never be able to get rid of. Surgery of any kind can't mend this one. I have a special scar. Not one you can see or touch. This scar reminds me everyday of my past. Thoughts constanly swirl in my head only to mock me. My thoughts are like a ghost, haunting me, constantly lurking about to bother me at any given moment. This scar is imprinted on my brain, like someone grabbed a stamp and used a permament ink. The ink poisons my system, giving me no happiness. 
It was when I was younger. I was mocked, teased, punched. I was silenced by the unforgettable words that betrayed my trust to anyone. The lies and rumours spread throughout my try hard life. My hopless 5th year at school was a blurry mess to try and fight of the living demons. How could they have the heart to treat me like that? Maybe they don't behold any heart at all. Their mocking words have been filed in my brain in the 'she's a loser' cabinet. I hated my primamry school life; just as much as I hated my high school life. If only I couln't get enough of the hard core thrills of a public school, where you are known to be worthless, I was sent to a public high schools. If you thought primamry school was a death trap waiting happen, then your wrong. Highschool is filled with those who consume their time with making other's lives miserable. Highschool is broken up into the social mocking ghosts and the wall flower freaks that hide themselves anywhere, to be safe from predetors, because nowhere makes them feel safe. 
I would walk down the halls as the ghosts lurked at my presecnce. They would scare me at any moment to show they were dominant. They did exactly that. The made me believe all of those lies, I couldn't see their noses growing longer with every word they said. The mocking's that could only be heard by students, of a place where I was supposed to feel safe, have an education, soon spread to more than just a small little place where in the end it wouldn't matter, only my sanity would be ruined. No those heartless ghosts decided that the premesis of the school was not far enough. Their fingers tingled with what they thought was excitement, but was really just to all mess up our lives. Why would anyone want to make someone elses life worthless? 
Their fingers quickly typed as notifications notified me of my pointless life. The silent, mocking murmur's of the school halls soon turned into something more. If only their verbal torture wasn't enough, they found a way to get inside my head even more. Words were forced in front of me, on a screen I could just shut down, but the keys wouldn't work. I was killed by those horrible words, that constently played on repeat in my mind. Those words swarmmed like bee's. The picked on the silenced primroses like me, as they sore themselves as the supurior roses. They believed in their stupid little heads that plastic beauty was everything. My facebook feed was a never ending spam of being called ugly and a fat... I won't even say those words. I won't sink to their level. 
Although everyone always tells people like us just be, a bundle of resilience that nothing could ever knock them down. Like some super hero at a masquerade ball, that could fool everyone they were that clever sly fox that new. That new it was all just a game to make us crumble and fall. How was I ever supposed to be someone like that, when I couldn't even say my own name without cringing at it. Because all of those ghosts made me believe that. All those ghosts, although were nothing anyone should ever worry about, were always there. They mock you in your sleep, they mock you by the way you talk and walk. I know it's all just a scociety trick. To test us to see if we are strong enough, but they make it impossible to be strong. Any strength that was once there is drained. You become a little lab rat for them to poke and prod at. 
My life has been changed forever more all because of one idiot that thought it would be funny to start a rumour. It makes anyone wonder if they reconsider their vile actions. My scar remains with me. It will remind me everytime I have a negative thought. I will have those memories everyday. 
My thoughts were no longer safe. Your mind is supposed to be a safe haven for one to retreat to, when everything else seems like a blurry mess. My mind was filled with a darkness that I could never escape. So I hope those ghosts are happy. For I will always have my scar. 


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