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i think it's important to note that i wrote this in religion class

lust n disgust

January 31, 2019


rating - for the love of god if you don't like suggestive content this is not for you. please leave now. anyways tv-14


i. let me dance on the edge of dreams where my skin tastes like ash and blood. in my dreams, i wear red diamonds and rule a kingdom made of fur and dead stars, and those who touch me turn to snakes. here the world is mine to burn, and burn it i will.

ii. play me a song that sounds like your teeth on my neck. you always pretend to be charge, but even when you tie me down and whisper me nightmares, i am still wearing my crown.

iii. i knew the first time i saw you wearing the wings of a devil that i wanted your hands around my neck. we will dance on this knife's edge together, my darling. 

iv. when i am gone, build me a shrine. maybe then i'll remember the taste of your skin.

v. sing me bloody psalms, darling. i'll always be listening.
let it be known that i don't have a choking kink.


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  • artificialaorta

    this is gorgeous and explores a relationship perfectly in.... just a few sentences. The two last lines feel so... violently bittersweet? idk if that makes sense. anyway. writing about a metaphorical demon gf in religion class? uncanny power move

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    how did i miss this. jesus this is beautiful, if not carnally intimidating in the most intimate sense. "i rule a kingdom of fur and dead stars" painted such an image in my head (i'll tell you if you want to know). mmmmmmmmm can't say how much i loved this, not if i meet you in another life again. abysmally captivating.

    over 1 year ago
  • loveletterstosappho

    i love ii. the most but i love it all so very much. favorite phrase is "even when you tie me down and whisper me nightmares, i am still wearing my crown." beautiful. so much power.

    over 1 year ago