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Please help me improve! This piece needs work and I know it. I do like some parts but I think some parts can be worked upon. also, DISCLAIMER- this article is weird!

Small Yet Beautiful

January 31, 2019


Okay, so this might sound weird to a lot of people and it frankly, has no point. This idea just came out of the blue. I hope it's worth reading.

Recently I have started noticing small details of everything. A few days ago, me and my dad set up a small bonfire in our balcony since we live on the sixteenth floor, we didn't have any other place. After loads of effort, we finally started the fire and then I noticed the black charcoal, burning and giving out heat. It was so beautiful- the black charcoal slowly turning a bright orange and then, when the fire died, a light grey. It was also the night and I could see the colours so beautifully. I wonder how this small black substance gives us so much- warmth, diamonds, fuel, and more! It's astonishing! It reminded me of a volcano erupting. The orange lava gracefully flowing onto the greenish-brown volcano and for a minute, made me forget how harmful it was.

Another thing I recently noticed is the dew on the leaves and the grass in the morning. Frankly, I have always found it mesmerizing and hypnotizing. the green leaves look fresh and lush like they just had a bath and their skin is glowing in the bright sun. It is breathtaking! It also reminds me of the rains. After a good rainfall, the leaves and the trees are blossoming and look all groomed and fresh. It's absolutely astounding and never lets me down. The fresh earthy smell after raining is like the cherry on top of the cake, just phenomenal.

This is by far, without any doubt, the most weird observation of all. But I think it is true and I hope you all think so too.
So, I was very stressed and had a lot of things on my mind. I was crying. But as I started to feel better, I noticed how the tears are falling. Every drop has it's own rhythm and speed. It also changes it's directions sometimes and the way my eyelashes droop almost distracts from why I was crying. I don't look good when I am crying- that is also not the point. It's just that the tears fall in a way that I have never noticed before.

Many such things happen in our day-to-day lives that we do not notice but are so beautiful. I thought these were some of them. Maybe it is weird but I just wrote how and what I felt. Hope you all can relate, if not, it's alright.


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