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January 29, 2019


This is extraordinarily late, but I want to do it, so... here it is :)

1. Writing. I feel like this answer explains itself (we're all on this site, after all), but I've been writing for as long as I can remember and probably before that. Writing is the one school subject that has always clicked with me, and I'm always taking real-life experiences and saving them for stories everywhere I go. 

2. Cooking. Something about watching food cook and sitting down for dinner knowing that you're the one who prepared the meal is really satisfying. 

3. Imagining things. I have no clue if any of you do this, but I easily spend hours a day daydreaming about different circumstances than the ones I'm in. Sometimes I'll "act-out" a book/story I'm working on in my head before I write it, and this really helps me with details and characterization. 

4. Listening to music. I love music that's deep and thoughtful.

5. Staring out the window in a quiet room while everyone else in the house is asleep. Weird? Quite possibly. Relaxing? most definitely. 

6. Reading. A great part of being a good writer is reading good, classic books, so that's what I do. 

7. Being a rebel. Particular when it comes to having to do a certain amount of a given thing :)


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