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Hello I am 16 and I love writing. My friends like it as well. I'm an Aries and my best friend is a Capricorn. I want to go into the Forensic field when out of school. I like performing in anything that I can, be it dancing,singing,acting.

Message to Readers

This is an idea for a harry potter story I might write, lemme know what ya think.

The Divided Houses

April 10, 2019


He was a __________. She was a Slytherin. Could they come together to save the world? Voldemort has taken over. The Light has lost. Her parents refuse to let her be near him, his parents would love nothing more to corrupt her. Her core is too dark to be saved, but her parents didn't need to know that. His core was light but tainted, his parents didn't need to know though. She is considered the Beautiful, mysterious darkness to his tortured, tainted light. Can they come together to save their world as they know it, or will fate have other plans?


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