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Marvel Rant: Loki--A Villain or a Misunderstood Hero?

January 29, 2019


Now, listen here, you haters. Loki is not a villain and here's why based on evidence from each movie he's in.

Thor-- Loki started out as a innocent little boy. Then, everything changed when he learned that his father, Odin, had lied to him his whole life and that he wasn't really his father. And, on top of that, he wasn't really Asgardian and was actually part of a species that he had been trained his whole life to hate. Now, that must have been REALLY traumatizing for him. He was going through an emotional roller coaster. That's why he was such a train wreck during the movie and why his emotions got the best of him. And, on top of that, as soon as he finds out Odin is literally like, "lol i'm going to sleep". Loki was just a sad emotional boy with daddy issues.

The Avengers-- Marvel Studios has actually confirmed that Loki was being mind controlled in The Avengers by the Mind Stone, which was stored in his scepter. And Thanos was the one that gave Loki the scepter, therefore meaning that it was really his fault. Now, something that I will never deny is that Thanos is most definitely a villain. 

Thor: The Dark World-- In this movie, Loki suffers the consequences of his actions in The Avengers (even though, as I already pointed out, it was not his fault). He is locked away until Thor needs him later to help save the Universe from eternal darkness caused by the Dark Elves. When Thor tells his companions (Sif, Fandral and Tyr) about joining forces with Loki, they are skeptical and threaten to kill him. But, Loki goes through with the plan without betraying Thor, although part of the plan was to actually pretend to betray Thor. In the end, Loki dies for a noble cause (well, he didn't actually die; he almost died for noble cause).

Thor: Ragnarok-- Ah, my favorite movie in the MCU. And not just because of Chris Hemsworth looks amazing with the new Thor hair cut (although that is part of the reason). I love Thor: Ragnarok because it really gives you a good idea of how much Loki has grown as a character. Loki starts the movie off with his old tricks. He banished Odin to earth and disguised himself as Odin in order to live his dream of being king. And, he even kinda betrayed Thor at one point. But, by the end of the movie, Loki realized something: He may have been adopted, but Thor will always be his brother. And that's what drove him to leave Sakaar, where he could have lived the life he always wanted, and help Thor, Bruce and Valkyire defeat Hela. 

Avengers: Infinity Wars-- Oh god, I'm tearing up just thinking about it! Loki had already proved himself to be good in Thor: Ragnarok. But, his loyalty was put to the test when he had to confront Thanos himself. Given Loki's history with Thanos, he knew how powerful he was. He knew that he didn't stand a chance against him. But, that's the thing about heroes. They do the right thing, even if it's hopeless and stupid. Loki tried to trick Thanos and stab him, but was killed before he had the chance.

Now, you understand why Loki is NOT a villain. Sure, he may be an antagonist in many cases, but he is not a villain (trust me, an antagonist and villain are two completely different things). So, don't every call him a villain because I WILL hunt you done!


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