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Elizabeth Chancey

United States

I am a fourteen year old imaginative writer, who spends her days with her puppy and her friends.

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"And will you succeed? Yes you will, indeed (98 and 3/4 percent guarantee) Kid, You'll move mountains!"
-Dr. Seuss

Take Me Away

January 28, 2019

PROMPT: Library Magic

As a two-year old girl, I never had the need of a reading-instructor.  The letters formed words in my mind.  The words formed scenes in my mind.  The scenes formed stories in my mind.  Every book I received as a present was cherished as if it were a child.  In a book, I could lose myself and become someone else.  For me, the library is my solace, my haven.  Every-time I step in through it's doors, the books and the stories surround me with images, scenes, stories.  Like the 'woods between the worlds' from Narnia, was my library for me.  It seemed a small and peaceful world in which I could pluck, not books off a shelf but a world.  A world where good reigned over evil.  The princess found her prince.  The orphan found his hope.  The library is a portal to different demansions of our distorted world.  Take me away! 


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  • 2A,2H and 1D

    I Love Love Love Love this piece so much.
    The title first of all is very catchy and nice and your writing. I adore it's flow. Also your choice of words is amazing too. Very rich vocabulary. And I love the very last sentence of the writing. It wrapped up the entire thing :)
    I would love to see more of you writing.

    6 months ago