Sierra Leone

at the back of another world

November 1, 2019


To love you with my every breath 
Is to know 
That i can never hold your hand 
Nor trace your lips 
By my calloused fingertips 

Loving you has brought 
Aphrodite's curse onto my heart 
For you , my sweet Aries 
Have shot cupid's arrow into my 
Gobsmacked heart
Which I so willingly gave away 

It's funny isn't it 
How I recall the silly moments we both had
At the back of classrooms and 
At the end of our own worlds
And back at the edge of your table
Every little word we rushed in whispers 
Held uncertainties  
Between us 

Till this day 
I drink your captivation and 
Expectant eyes
My mind never sobers and  
Your poison continues trailing down 
Allowing our systems to intertwine
Or perhaps permitting my stoned heart 
To metamorphose into falsity 

It's close to February 
And I still write about your 
dazzling smile and alluring lips 
In my tattered notebook 
It's 2019 and 
I still remember the first time I cuffed my hands 
around yours 
How the goosebumps 
went fully rose   
While the world stood still 

The stars know 
You will never be mine 
And I will never be yours 
Yet your smirk resides within me--
An eternal  

Across 7.5 billion eyes 
Remnants of you come flowing
In unplanned gazes  

My eyes don't turn 
And neither does my ever beating 



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1 Comment
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    *Ares, also ares is the god of war, and i don't think you should incorporate cupid in this unless you want to mix up greek and roman mythology. I'd go with eros instead, he's the greek counterpart of cupid

    almost 2 years ago