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"We rise by lifting others."

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The main motive of this club is to post monthly reviewing assignments to encourage peer reviewing. Users will paired together every month, and will be expected to review four of their partner's pieces.
To join, you must be an active user, and should be following this account.
Hosted by fatpanda.

introduction+how to join

January 29, 2019


As most of you know, Corner Writing Club was discontinued a while ago. This is an account made by fatpanda, for monthly reviewing assignments.

To join, you must be an active user, and must be following this account (you will be followed back). Leave a comment on this piece with your name on it.

The monthly assignments will be held in the following manner:-
~A piece will be posted in which members will be allotted groups three days before the start of a month.
~Members will be expected to review four piece's of their partner's during the allotted month.

Again, leave a comment if you wish to join.


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