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What tool, what use?

February 16, 2016


Kami Sawtelle 
Miss Sahly
College Writing and Research
16 February 2016
                                                         What use.
           Ideas and inventions created everyday, many of which a lot thought not possible. These gadgets and gizmos of many have proven a large of amount of people wrong. All the amazing minds of our time and many others have came up with ideas having to do with some crazy stuff. Some show micro-images of certain things, other ideas have helped excel in medicine and technology is now becoming a very important part of everyday life within all jobs.   
         Many tools are used everyday to help us manage with everyday life, even though we made it through many years without this item we seem to not be able to go without it. This magical gizmo has helped many with staying organized and holding information possibly needed throughout his or her day. Even though most people have this gadget, I have seen quite a few go with out such a thing. I believe people now a days are so addicted to this usually helpful device that it is causing more problems then fixing. As time goes on these devices or technology is becoming more advanced in helping people, but also causing a distrupted generation and will keep causing this if this tool is continually used as it is now.


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