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I'm no longer on WtW and have withdrew the majority of my pieces. If you want to get in touch, you can message me on Instagram or my email (found in 'Message from Writer').

Thanks for being around, guys! Keep writing and DFTBA.

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Again with... trash.
I dunno, I haven't been writing much. I'm kind of debating on whether or not I should quit. It's become so tiresome for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing so much. I just don't know if I'm cut out to make it far. Maybe I should just quit now. It's not like I'm gonna improve or anything. Eh, don't worry about this.

Bricks #POV

January 27, 2019


I had never before in my life met anyone as carefree and fearless as Calvin Torres. Maybe that's just how the people of Queens are. Or maybe that's because I didn't really know him. 
Calvin's apartment building was shoved in between small businesses on the side of the street. I wasn't surprised. Most buildings are shoved against one another in New York. 
He hit my arm to bring my attention back to the busy street in front of us. Dodging between parked cars, we hurried across the street. A car honked loudly on my right as I scurried past it, my breath escaping my lips fast. Calvin laughed from the other side of the street, his head thrown back. I tried to laugh a bit, but my heart had skipped a few beats. 
We kept walking, past the few stands selling a variety of foods, to the brick building that Calvin called home. Three people were outside, smoke curling in the air around them. I sucked in a breath as we ducked past them. Calvin waved to one of the girls smoking; I think she was in our trig class. 
"Wanna wait here, Aasaf? I just need to grab my wallet," Calvin asked as soon as we got to the lobby. It looked nice, with blue plush chairs lining the walls. The oak desk for the security personnel was shoved in the middle. I still didn't trust it. Even though I had just moved here from Cairo, I'd heard some things about this neighborhood.
"No thanks. Can I come up?" I replied smoothly, giving him a slight smile. Calvin rolled his eyes and started to climb the stairs. I followed him, keeping my left hand on the cold banister. 
We walked in silence for a few minutes as we got to the fifth floor. Calvin looked at each door number, obviously unfamiliar with this place. We stopped in front of a gray door with peeling paint. The door number read: 509. I tried to calm myself down, but I couldn't. I knew I shouldn't be judgemental. It's just so hard not to. 
Calvin tried to unlock the door with his skull patterned key, but it didn't work. He cursed beneath his breath and I winced at each word. He knocked loudly, leaning his forehead on the door. 
It was thrown open quickly by a young girl in her twenties. "What the heck, Cal? You should've been home an hour ago," she snapped. A little boy shouted from further inside the apartment. Calvin just shrugged and ducked beneath her arm. I gave her a polite smile before doing the same. The door slammed shut behind me. "And who in the world is this?" 
I cleared my throat and turned, giving her another smile. I extended my hand quickly. "I'm Aasaf Turner. Calvin and I are partners for our history project," I explained. She gave me a once over before rolling her eyes and pushing past me. I stared at my outstretched hand before sighing and shoving it into my pocket. 
"What kind of name is that?" she asked as I followed her. I almost sighed again but I held myself back. Inside was a mess: toys and clothes strewn over furniture. A little boy was watching the tele while ramming action figures against one another. Calvin disappeared down a dimly lit hallway and I stood awkwardly against the wall. 
"I've lived in Egypt for years. My father is English though. We've just moved here," I explained. The girl shrugged and sat down on the small couch, munching on chips. It was silent for a few minutes, except for the occasional shout from the little boy. 
As my feet started to hurt, something thumped against the wall in the hall. I stiffened and took a step back, bumping my head against the wall I was leaning against. Another thump. Then another. The girl stood up and mumbled something that sounded like, "not again." 
She took the little boy and went out on the balcony. I was left standing in the sitting room alone. More thumps occurred in succession. I watched the hall in surprise as a trophy shot out from the hallway and broke as it connected with the floor. Calvin backed out, boxes and bags in his arms. 
"Please, mom. Just chill for a minute," he begged, stumbling backward. Something else smashed against the tiled floor. I flinched, pressing myself against the wall. 
"Don't you dare tell me to 'chill.' I can't believe you! What if Ethan found this? Huh?" the woman I assumed was his mother shouted. She was holding a black revolver. I stiffened, my body frozen. 
"I'm sorry. But he wasn't gonna find that. I need that for protection!" Calvin growled. The woman started waving the gun around. I swallowed tightly, watching them argue. My body has betrayed me, not letting me do what I want to do. I want to run. I need to run. 
"Get out! Take your freaking things and get the heck out of my apartment. I don't want to see you here again!" Calvin's mom shouted. She threw something again. My body finally unfroze and I turned, darting through the entry to get out. I have never seen anger like that. But, I have also never seen such carelessness. 
When I left Calvin's building, I went straight home. I don't think we ever finished that history project.
This has never happened to me. I just wanted to write something. 
This is for this contest! 


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  • korra4life

    Aww, thanks! I didn't realize you loved Tea-Coffee so much

    about 1 year ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    Maybe if you need some encouragement, read Tea-Coffee ;)

    (My favorite piece on WTW)

    about 1 year ago
  • korra4life

    Thank you both!

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Welp, pessimism doesn't suit you either :)
    I was going to ask you not to quit, but it's okay if you want to. Nobody will think badly of you for it--especially not me.
    Just remember that you are a good writer. I know good writing when I see it, so you can believe me when I say your work is fantastic :DDD
    This is fantastic also, btw, and I wish you good luck in the contest! :D

    about 1 year ago
  • Mary Wall

    Please don't quit! Please, please, please! You are one of the first writers a look up when I get on, to see if you posted anything new! You are a seriously amazing writer! And everyone can improve! I'm gonna sound like your mom here, but practice, practice, practice! You don't even have to share everything. Just by writing, anything, you will improve. And by reading your pieces and trying to add the techniques I see to my own writing, I think even mine has improved. Even if you do decide to quit, never forget that even when you feel like you can't do anything right, you don't have to. God loves you anyway.:)

    about 1 year ago