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The Woods And Us

January 26, 2019


"Guys, I hate to tell you this," My short curls whipped around my face, attacked by the spit of rain that was coming our way. 
"But we ran out of sandwiches."
Ursa gave me a look, you know, that look. The "was-that-really-necessary" sorta look. The look that I got from my mom when I didn't do the dishes right. I don't care that I didn't scrape every bit of lasagna off my plate; the dishwasher would do it for me, if not, then what the hell was it for. 
I wish I could say I enjoyed being in the woods, surrounded by the vibrancy only a sliver of the modern world had left us with. My vision was fixed on the canopy of leaves above, beacons of shattered sunshine peeked through, guiding our way, or at least mine. It was nice and familiar, feeling the crispy crunch of the dying leaves below, with hallowed out veins. The life had been sucked from them as they fell from the millions of trees. They fell from their hierarchy, their thrones in a twirling catastrophe, only to blend in with the millions of others that looked identical. Maybe they accepted their fate, only to be stomped on by the boots of humans that trailed and wedged their lives in the roots of the trees. 
But nature was a two sided thing, I had realized this the hard way, along with my friends as we sat under a the wiliting canopy of a strong oak tree, trying to make light of our apparent plight. Rain was beautiful, I had always thought as such, like they were delicate diamonds that Zeus had sent down-maybe to show off his wealth. Absolute beauty. 
But not when it had soaked through the seat of my cargo pants. They might not have been the most fashionable, to the normies, but they were versatile. When they weren't wet.
What were we talking about again, before all of that other stuff? Oh, yeah, sandwiches. We had run out of those.
I didn't eat 'em, we got hungry, we'd been walking all day.
Just needed to make it known to the masses, y'know?

"Really, Elizzi?" She leaned up against the trunk of the tree nonchalantly, or at least tried to. "We're stuck in the rain, and all you care about is sandwiches?"
Like I said, I needed to make it known to the masses. I told Ursa that explicitly.
It was fair to say that didn't make the situation any better. 
"Okay, can you two relax?" Kahasai stood in between us, a smooth stone rested in her palm idly. "Or someone's going to get whacked in the face with a stone."
Reluctantly, Ursa and I stopped our squabbling, our lips pinched closed, probably 'cause of the of the sourness of the words that hadn't been spoken.
Blue called us over to where they were, sat on a rock, reading a book. They weren't wearing a rainjacket or anything.
"This lil' guy decided to keep me company." We all gathered around to see a little lizard perched upon the spine of the book, looking back at us with beady, glassy eyes.
"Oh my gosh,it's so cute." Araw was next to Blue, fixing her shiny, black hair in a bun. "What are you going to call it, Blue?"

"What's the point in calling it anything, really? There are probably millions of them." Anha was standing at the water's edge, watching intently as it seeped over rocks easily, with the smoothness of silk. Her hands were stuffed deep in the pockets of her bright red sweatshirt, with a print of a cartoon lion. 
'Well, we can make it our mascot, right?" Blue raised an eyebrow at Anha before turning back to the lizard. ''It's name is Bobert."
A husky voice behind me burst into laughter.
"Bobert? What kind of a name is that?"
 I whipped around to see Adam, his curly blueish locks were matted to his face with rain, and his arms were full of pinecones. I wanted to slap him, but kiss him, too. Sure, getting an uneccesarily large amount of pinecones was a dumb thing to do. But it was a sweet thing to do, in a weird way. I kissed him on the cheek and took a pinecone from his grasp, lobbing it at his head.
"It's a good name, Adam." Blue held Bobert in their grasp.



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  • .audrey michelle.

    awwwww!!! love this :D

    over 1 year ago
  • fatpanda

    so nice!

    over 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    Ooh, fun story! I like how you added people from here into it!

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    oh and remember that time zeus turned himself into rain and made a woman pregnant? fun times...

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    there are millions of lizards like bobert. and aLL OF THEM DESERVE NAMES

    over 1 year ago
  • Kahasai

    Woah, I'm in the story, even though I wasn't a part of whatever sparked this!

    Question: how did you know my sister would give you that look? Are you spying on us? ;)

    over 1 year ago
  • Ursa

    Yesss! This is so good.

    over 1 year ago
  • Big Blue

    Blue is glad that they had the last line. Also, Bobert /is/ a good name.

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    Whoa, is this a thing where you, like, have certain members of WtW in one piece? That's so cool! I didn't realize until, like, halfway through haha.

    over 1 year ago