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If You Can't Act Like Adults, We Will

January 26, 2019

PROMPT: Strike

I am a young Australian, and at the end of last year my principle forbid our school in taking part in the "walk out for climate change". Australians are possibly more aware of climate change than any other country because each year our summers are getting hotter and our winters colder. Still, many of my friends skipped school and joined the rallies in Newcastle, New South Wales and made it to the front covers of newspapers and TV announcements. Country-wide this happened, young Aussie kids, mostly high-schoolers, calling for change, I am calling for change. One young girl had a sign that summed up everyone's opinion: "If you won't act like adults, we will", because we are the next generation of leaders, politicians, 

We will make the change.       


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  • LittleWolf

    Thank you! Everybody needs to be a part of this change, it cannot just be our generation. It does not matter how many times we have to tell people something needs to be done, as long as it happens before it is too late. United we stand, fractured we fall.

    over 1 year ago
  • Ruthh

    This honestly gave me a chill!! David Attenborough said something similar in that it was up to our generation to save the world sO LET’S DO IT WOOO

    over 1 year ago
  • Hanan Adi

    The young girl's sign you mention reminds me of one I saw in last Friday's student demonstration here in Berlin: "When our leaders act like children, we need to be the grownups." It is true. Somebody needs to take responsibility for the climate crisis, and if no one will then we will, because our future and the future of mankind depend on it. I am glad to hear you are with us on this. :) Grüße aus Berlin!

    over 1 year ago