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The Games

February 16, 2016

Jeremy was lying on the floor of the arena pinned down by Amy.  He felt the cold sting of the blade on his neck. He looked up at Amy. She had been his best friend since the first grade when they had first met. Jeremy had been in love with Amy since he had first laid eyes on her. “Amy why are you doing this?” Jeremy asked. “You know I have to.” Amy replied. “No Amy you don’t” Jeremy said. “Remember all the training we went through? We beat everyone else we had to fight so we could be together.” “Of course I do.” Amy said. “But I have to do this.” “For who?” Jeremy asked. “For them?” He nodded towards the crowd in the stands who were going wild. “Yes. Of course.” Amy said almost in tears. “Amy please don’t do this.” Jeremy said with tears rolling down his face. “Jeremy you’re only making this worse.” Amy said now crying. Amy started pressing the knife harder against Jeremy’s neck. As Jeremy stared at Amy he remembered what had lead them to this moment. It started when he and Amy where in the 5th grade. That’s when the new government was put into place and when everything started falling apart. From that moment on children were trained combat skills, which they would use against each other. You weren’t allowed to fight until you were 12, after that you were allowed to fight until you died. Arenas were built to house these fights. They looked just like the roman coliseum but they had a dome over them. Everyone dedicated their lives to fighting because if you won 100 games (as they were called) you no longer had to fight and were sent to paradise. No one in the entire world dedicated themselves more to this than Jeremy and Amy. When this whole thing had been going on for about two years Amy and Jeremy made a vow to win 100 games so they could be in paradise together. Their plan worked until they got separated. Jeremy and Amy were such great fighters they were taken away from each other so they could not create a resistance and over-through the government. Amy and Jeremy where both brain washed but eventually it didn’t work on Jeremy for some reason. However, it worked even better than the government had expected on Amy. Now after 8 years of not seeing each other they were forced to fight one another. Jeremy was not willing to fight his best friend and the only person he had ever loved; but Amy was ready to kill Jeremy in order to reach paradise. The government had timed this game between Jeremy and Amy perfectly so that whoever won this match would have won 100 games and would go to paradise. Jeremy was not willing to hurt Amy so he mostly just dodged her attacks. But Amy was going for the kill. As Jeremy lay on the floor looking at Amy, his only love, tears came streaming down his face. He looked Amy dead in the eyes and said “Amy I love you. I always have and I always will, no matter what happens.” “I love you too Jeremy.” Amy said as she cut his neck open. Jeremy saw the blue sky of the dome turn to night. This symbolized the death of one of the game players. One final tear fell from Jeremy’s face as he watched his best friend, his true love slip away.


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