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January 26, 2019


“Are you okay?”
I feel like I’m slowly burning,
From a fire I’ll never tame.
And if I don’t keep running,
I’ll be engulfed by the flames.
I feel like I can’t escape,
There’s nowhere I can hide.
How can I run away,
When the monster is inside.
I feel like I’m always trapped,
Glued to a spiderweb. 
I never can break free,
Cause I’m still stuck in my head. 
I feel like I can’t hold on,
And I’m trying to survive.
But my hands are slipping,
The hole is swallowing me alive.
I feel like I’m in the dark,
In an empty starless night.
I can’t find my way home,
I’m losing hold of the light. 
And even though I’m dying,
I can’t reveal my strife. 
And inside I am crying,
But my eyes are always dry. 
Because I can never tell you,
I’ll never let you know. 
And even when I’m not okay,
I still reply,
“I’m fine.”


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  • Cololo231

    I love this poem talking about someone having extreme low self-esteem and discomfort but they're trying to hide that by saying, "I'm fine." That's what some people had been doing what they themselves would hide their true feelings from anyone else because they want to either work it on their own or that they don't understand them. Magnificent piece.

    over 1 year ago
  • Faith Camp

    This is amazing. Keep writing

    over 1 year ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    This was a beautiful poem. Your rhythm and rhymes entice the reader into continuing, and your words are strong, flow well, and evoke emotions. I think this is a poem a lot of people can relate to, and you portrayed the feeling excellently. Great job!!

    over 1 year ago