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Be crazy. Be lazy. Be chaotic. Be fantastic. But be yourself.
Don't spend your life wondering what you did wrong. You didn't. And the person who left you has just suffered a hella bad loss. Spread awesomness. ( These word's don't exist and I apologize for that.)

It Really Is Over Now

February 27, 2019


Those courageous steps now turning shy.
Those real acts now just becoming a mask.
A mask, oh so fake, she wears.

She mastered the art, you know?
The art to act like  this.... everything is fine.

Those laughs and giggles now turning fake.
All those genuine things really turning fake now.
Everything of hers, about her, turns fake.

And nobody sees through it.
They all believe that mask. That's how good she has become.
Friends, family, the world. They all believe it.

The smile she puts up.
Is believed by everyone. 
Nobody is seeing the truth.

Huh! Fake is really becoming the new trend now.

Written on: 26 January 2019.
Published on: 26 January, 2019.

It All Is Really Over Now.
Huh? What a surprise? Hadn't it already broken a long time ago?
Funny how it crashes on you all of a sudden. 

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