“In the darkness, two shadows, reaching through the hopeless heavy dusk. Their hands meet, and light spills in a flood, like a hundred golden urns pouring out the sun.” -Madeline Miller, “The Song Of Achilles.”


A Wolf and a Heart

January 26, 2019


There’s a boy falling down an elevator shaft and every 10 seconds there is hands trying to grab at him.
The hands are blue with the cold and if they grasped him they’d clutch around his heart and rip it out in a celebration because they go on believing what the darkness between the stars told them, they go on believing he stole this heart.
Please, listen to me though. He’s never stolen a thing in his life, that’s his in his chest and the hands must not have it, okay? The hands and their coldness that they brought upon themselves, they’ll turn him to ice. And gods that become frozen and heartless are always the first to drown galaxies.
There’s a girl with hair the colour of the moon. She’s tipped her head back into something graceful. There’s the sharp curve of her chin and there is stars studded across her brow, adorning her and making her something more than space dust. Her hands are purple and she’s trying to decide whether or not to catch this boy as he falls.
There’s a wolf in her rib cage and sometimes it wakes only tognaw at her insides. She’s never looked it in the eyes a day in her life but do you know how hard it is for most people to look inside their own chest? She feels sick with the effort of simply staring into the hollow of her own stomach but her hands are forming a net now
There’s a black hole at the bottom of this elevator shaft and the star-studded girl steps out of it, dark matter dripping off her like water. She thinks she knows how boys who fall work but there’s also a nebula in front of her eyes and if the hands don’t remind her of the wolf, well then birds don’t remind me of flight.
The boy can’t remember why he’s falling other than the fact that he’s almost sure it had something to do with him shouting a little too loud about the stars he had seen burst to life and a planet shrugging him off it’s back. He kicks out wildly at sharp fingers and he’s wished for his heart to shrivel up and disappear a few too many times now .
It fell into his chest when he was born from a cloud and it’s been dragging him down ever since, with it’s bitter knowledge of a grey end where there is absolutely nothing but him
When these two meet, entirely nothing will happen to anyone else. No new life forms will burst into existence to sing of them, no stories will inspire things still to be born. There won’t be a whisper of their lives throughout the whole universe, and gods above that’s all they want, because he’s selfish and she’s selfish and they’re not thieves, they’re just both primordial and dragged down by the weight of a heart and a wolf.


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1 Comment
  • Anha

    OK CAN I JUST SAY THIS IS BEAUTIFUL?? who let you be this talented?? an engaging beginning which immediately piqued my interest, and impossibly amazing imagery and narration that doesn't border on taking away from the story at all. i can't even say how much i love this piece. if there's a bigger story behind this, i'd love to read it. keep it up!

    about 2 years ago