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I am a writer who is trying to write a novel. It's harder then I thought! Oh, well. I really enjoy reading everyone's work!
I love to read, write, build Lego's and cosplay, plus more!
Thanks for reading and writing!
-Writing Dragon

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Thanks for reading!

That's what I said.

January 26, 2019


"They say that long ago. I have no idea how long ago that is exactly. But they say that there is a place far away, and in that place is a thing. That thing does the stuff we don't talk about. That thing has no limits. And so long ago that thing was assigned to that place that place which we are marching towards. That place where we about to meet our demise." Sam spins around at the sound of my footsteps.
    "Ah come on guys no one could tell me h was behind me? We have a signal for these things! A signal!" He says and stands up to greet me. "Uh hello general. I was just you know trying to rally the troupes." I sigh a walk past him.
    "by telling them your made up story?" I turn and face him.
    "I was trying to pass time sir." He says staring at the ground as his face becomes flushed.
    "Yes and now look at them scared. I thought I told you to with hold from your story telling while we were up here." 
    "You did sir sorry sir." He says and sits down.
    "Now do any of you want to tell me why you didn't warn Sam that I was coming." they all stare at the ground. Sighing I begin to walk around the fire. "Your all here for a very important reason. Please don't mess this up. Any of you. Your all on a team. So act like it." Fredrick stands up.
    "Sir we didn't want to get in trouble." He says the kid thinks he's the poster child. He's not trust me.
    "Well your in trouble now aren't you?" He nods he head and loses his once bold stance. "If you want to be a good team you have to be willing to trust each other if you can't keep yourselves out of trouble here what do you thins going to happen when you get out there?" Fredrick sits down. I prepare to give another word but Sam jumps up. 
    "That's what I said!"


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