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I love one person and he doesn't know.

Love Me...

February 16, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Love me in the Springtime, when all is green and new,
Love me in the Summer, when when the sky is oh so blue,
Love me in the Autumn, when the leaves are turning brown,
Love me in the Winter, when the snow is falling down

Love me when i’m happy, and even when i’m sad,
Love me when i’m good, and when i’m oh so bad,
Love me when i’m pretty, or when my face is plain,
Love me when i’m feeling good, or when i’m feeling pain

Love me always darlin’, in the rain or shining sun,
Love me always darlin’, after it’s all said and done,
Love me always darlin’, until our life is through,
Love me always darlin’, for I’ll be lovin’ you


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