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One Village's Children

January 25, 2019

PROMPT: Strike

Every ten seconds is a report of child abuse.
About 2,000 children die of abuse every year.
Close to 80% of child deaths involve one parent.

These statistics all involve the idea that children are being hurt every day. Second per second, children are being deprived of food, water, shelter, or the care they need. If I were to go on strike for anything, it would be for child abuse. Along with school shootings, cancer research, world hunger, world peace, bullying, social justice, and many more, this issue should be high in America or any country's radar. Children should not have to suffer for ordinary strangers to be aware that they are in danger. Us fortunate humans should seek ways to benefit children less lucky. We, as people on Earth, should treat anyone in aid as our own, so they can become successful. Thank you.

                                                                                     - bride124


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  • bride124

    Thanks Ruthh! I really care about how children are taken care of. It is disappointing that they are being hurt every day.

    over 1 year ago
  • Ruthh

    Such an important topic!!!

    over 1 year ago