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Hi! I'm Jozie Blake and I'm 16. Writing has always been an outlet for me to escape from everything this world throws at me, and I'm excited to share my stories with you.

Short One Sentence Contest

January 31, 2019


Hey Guys!
Decided to do a contest that would be easy for everyone and you can simply write your response in the comments below. 

Prompt: Complete this sentence: If you..... you will forever be dead to me. 

I don't care what category it fall into or if it's a run-on. It just has to be one sentence.

Example: If you don't agree that Sam Winchester is a million times better than Dean, you will forever be dead to me. " Hint about what I like I guess."

Due Date: February 1st
1st: A follow, 2 reviews on pieces of your choosing
2nd: A follow, 1 review on a piece of your choosing
3rd: A follow, a comment on a piece of your choosing

Happy writing and I can't wait to read what all you creative writers out there have in store for me! 
Write your sentences in the comments Please! 

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  • Living My Life Through Writing

    If you don't show kindness; If you don't care about others people's rights; If you don't show compassion, you will forever be dead to me.

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    If you lose control now, when so many lives depend on your success, your reputation will not only be destroyed; you will be forever dead to me.

    11 months ago
  • buddingauthor

    If you say that I'm overreacting, you will forever be dead to me.
    Not that brilliant but can't think of anything better at the moment

    11 months ago