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dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

write free, SomeFormOfWriting
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crude, unpolished and unedited. truly reflect how done i was with this whole jetlag ish

is it jetlag or is it just me

January 25, 2019


i'm awake at 3am
the second night in a row
yesterday i waited an hour
passing the time through cowardice
and pulling the few remaining lights outside
apart with my eyes - slowly, don't lose sight of them  -
i went to sleep three hours later,
tonight, this morning -  time is blured when it's dark outside -
the inflatable mattress leaves my left leg aching - why not the right? -
i stretch to ease the pain.
i write this on my hand in 0.4 ink
and go to check the time.
it's 4:32.


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  • acrosstheskysky

    i love "and pulling the few remaining lights outside/apart with my eyes"
    wow i admire your writing so muchhh

    6 months ago
  • Dani A. Remlap

    This is amazing

    7 months ago