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Rachel Young

United States


February 16, 2016

    Sara is an average sixteen year old girl.She takes an online schooling class. She lives with her mother and father in a huge house in the city. Her parents never let any of her friends come over because they think they will make a mess. Her birthday is just around the corner on February 20th. She has recently made this new friend through one of the chatrooms on her school website. He name is Lisa and she is in one class lower than Sara. She really wants her to come over for her birthday. They have been friend for quite a while. On Lisa's last birthday Sara made a bracelet out of pink and green string and sent it through the mail to her.
     Sara worked up enough courage to walk down stairs and ask her parents if she could have her over.
“Mom..” said Sara.
“Yes dear?”
Said her mother from the kitchen. Sara walked into the kitchen to find her mother sitting at the table cutting cucumbers for their dinner.
“Mom, I think I would like to have someone over Friday for my birthday.”
Sara said nervously. Her mother turned around and looked at her and said,
“Honey you know we can't have company over. Your father doesn't want things to get broken.”
Sara walked up to her room very upset. She thought that by having just one friend over it wouldn't be a big deal. Sara got online and told her friend that she couldn't talk right now and went to sleep.
    The next day Sara woke up and went down stairs to get some breakfast. She could hear her parents talking in the other room but she couldn't make out what they were saying. She walked closer to the living room where they were and just as she got closer her father walked out.
“Oh Sara there you are. We were wondering when you were coming down.”
he said. Sara just looked at him then went into the kitchen. After she got some breakfast she went back upstairs and got online to do her school work. Lisa messaged her about last night and if she wanted to talk about it. Sara responded with
“I wanted you to come over for my birthday tomorrow but my parents wont let you.”
“That’s alright.” says Lisa,
“Maybe they have something planned for you.”
“You could be right..” Sara said curiously.
“I overheard them talking about something this morning but I couldn’t make out what it was.”
    Later that night after Lisa and Sara were done talking, Sara's parents came up and knocked on the door
“Sara, Honey we’re going out for a bit.”
This was normal though because they always go out on date nights. Soon after they left Sara fell asleep and when she woke up she could hear laughter coming from down stairs. She didn't go downstairs at first because she thought it was just her parents with some friends over. She waited at listened for a while then she heard a girl's voice that sounded familiar. Then she decided to go down and see what was going on. She didn't recognize the girl at first then she noticed the bracelet on her arm.
“Omg! Lisa!” Sara yelled as she ran up to her crying.
“I can’t believe you’re here!”
Sara looked at her parents and then hugged them.
“We thought you ladies were old enough now to maintain yourselves so I thought I would let Lisa over as a surprise.” Sara's mom said.
After Sara’s party she kept in contact with Lisa and they got together every now and again. Sara realised if you’re patient good things will come your way.


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