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Alexis Gonzalez

American Samoa

friend ship

February 16, 2016


One day their was a girl . She was very happy and had no cares in the world. Her name is tarah. Her and her mom had just moved into a small green house. Tomorrow she would start her first day at her new school. She was not too happy about moving schools but she didn't mind because she got to walk to school. She was only in the fifth grade  so that made her feel like she was a grown up . Tarah got all ready for school the next day super early. It was only 7:30 and she went to bed at 9:30.  She was ecstatic to got to school the next day.Finally it was the next day she got up got ready for school and dashed out the door. When she got there she wa a little lost. So she went into the office where this little old lady helped her too her class . When she got their a really tall loud girl named kia greeted her at the door asking her all types of questions. She continued into the classroom she met  lots of kids but not really any she wanted to be friends with. Finally the first day was over she enjoyed meeting everyone.
          A few days went by and today she was standing in line waiting to enter the classroom. When  a girl named Alyssa's asked her if she wanted to be friends and she said sure and they began talking  and Alyssa gave her her number. They talked all the time in school in when they weren't they were always talking on the phone. One day Alyssa and her mom came to get tarah  to that they could go back to alyssa's to hang out it was a friday  so Tarah called her mom to  see if she could stay the night she said yeah . That nite Tarah knew that her and Alyssa were going to be be best friends.They hung out every day for weeks they were inseparable.  One day Alyssa didn't come to school  Tarah didn't think nothing of it . She didn't come the next day either this went on for a week  and Tarah was starting to get worried until one day she was sitting in science and her teacher Mrs Bell had announced that Alyssa's mom had passed away.   that's why she hadn't been at school then said to us the reason they are telling us is because she is coming back to school tomorrow  and didn't want anybody  to ask her questions about it because it's going to be really hard on her.
         Tarah was really sad because she new Alyssa's  mom very well . The next day she came to school she seen Alyssa was very sad  but she still acted happy.So she said nothing of it.Alyssa knew  everyone knew what had happend. From that moment on Tarah and Alyssa were with each other every day cause tarah knew she needed someone there for her .But Alyssa was still sad and every day she grew meaner and meaner.Until she started acting mean toward Tarah it wasn't that bad though so she put up with it. Because she knew she was in a hard spot and didn't know
how to express her feelings. It was also hard on Tarah because she was going through problems of her owne. Alyssa now lives with her grandma. Tara still went and stayed with her every weekend. they still were best friends nothing has changed except that  when  alyssa gets upset she takes it out on Tarah.  She has an attitude toward her when she has had a bad day or she is mean to her cause  tarah doesn't want to do what she wants to do. She still put up with it cause once again she new she was going through a lot. The way Alyssa was acting toward Tarah went on like that for a long time. But Tarah continued to let it go  because she loves her best friend. By this time now they were in the 7th grade. And all that time little by little tarah was getting more and more sick of the way she was being treated.  They argued all the time and Alyssa would say things just to hurt Tarah.  She didn't realize what she was doing to Tarah because she was still hurting in the inside because of her mom. But tarah had found a new friend named lindsay at first they hung out every once in awhile  because her and Alyssa's bond was still so close.  But Tarah faded away Slowly more and more from .Alyssa.  Soon tarah and lindsay started being friends like her and and Alyssa once were. .         
         She liked how Lindsay treated her.  She did not try to put her down all the time  and make her feel bad about  herself. They had fun all the time and almost never argued over things and if they did i was over in like 2 minutes. Meanwhile Alyssa also found new friends but they didn't forget about each other Alyssa was very jealous of  tarah and her new friend because they were closer than her and tarah.  They had only been friends for a few  months. Alyssa would make plans with tarah but tarah would blow her off to hang out with her other friend Lindsay  that made alyssa sad. She knew it was wrong but  Tarah only did it because her and  Alyssa's friend ship wasn't the same any more.They weren't friends like they use to be.  Alyssa was beginning to realize what she did to tarah was wrong .So they went their ways for a while they still keep in touch because they go to the same school. They never stopped being friends just not as close. Now they are in the tenth grade.
Alyssa and Tarah  are trying to be close like they use to be. They talk all the time and hang out once in awhile. They never really talk about what happened honestly it's like it never had happened  at all. the past is the past. But honestly once you hurt a person no matter how much you try  even if they don't care about it any more things will never be the same again.


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