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I would like to hear if I made any spelling Mistakes seeing how I have dyslexia and don't always see or notice them and I would also like to hear any ideas on how to improve my writing style because it is my dream to one day become an author

Scar of the Moon

February 23, 2015

PROMPT: Story of a Scar


It sits right next to my right eye, curving ever so gently around the pale blue orbs. Curved like a cresent moon, a craddle for my dreams. I was only three when I earned my little moon scar, a hyperactive little three year old who wanted to explore every corner of the world. I was playing out in the backyard, cashing lizards and ducking through the bushes, pretending I was hunting for a long lost treasure when I heard the sound of my father's car climbing up the drive way.
Like any young child I was delighted that my dad was home and decided to go met him out the front. I also decided to take the short cut, the path down the side of our red bricked house so as to get to him faster. As I rounded the corner however my feet slipped out from under me and I was sent hurtling towards the ground. A sharp rock caught the delicate skin next to my right eye and carved the cresent moon like shape into my face where it would stay forever more.

While it hurt when I was given my little moon scar I also know that it helped to make me who I am. People would point and say it was ugly and marred my face but I would just smile and say 'It's not a mark of imperfection, it's a mark of who I am. It's my moon scar and the moon is my friend'. No one understood why the moon meant so much to me but it always will. Each night when I was but a small child my father would lift me onto his shoulders and take me out into the garden. There he would look up at the moon with a smile on his kind and gentle face and tell me to wish the moon sweet dreams for if I did then the moon would give me sweet dreams as well.
My moon scar reminds me of my father in times of need. It reminds me of the moon and how it would give me plesent dreams and watch over me while I slept. And it also helps to define who I am. A child at heart who had a thirst for adventure and kept getting back up even when I fell and bled. Our scars make us who we are, help shape the person we will come to be. And while some people may sneer and resent them we shouldn't, they are a part of us and we should embrace that. Never be ashamed of who you are, and never be ashamed of your scars


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  • Azun

    Um, so, no spelling mistakes that I noticed~! This writing is just, Its detailed, and quite frankly, I was distracted just thinking about how cute a crescent moon scar under an eye would look on a person. It probably wasn't cute right after you got it cause it must have hurt. A lot. But otherwise, it was awesome~! If you wanna be an author, go for it~! You can always have someone else reread it and help you fix spellings and stuff, so don't let dyslexia get in the way of your dream~!!!!

    almost 4 years ago