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Anna Hartz

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Best Friends Til the End

February 16, 2016

     My name is Angel White and I am stuck at the age of 16. I was killed by my best friend, I am not going to say his name though because I don’t want anyone to think bad about him. How he killed me is a little complicated. You see he is the star quarterback and I am the head cheerleader and with us being the most popular people in the school we always have pressure on us to do certain things whether we wanted to or not. One night us two and some of our friends went to a haunted house, although we didn’t know it was haunted until later on, around mid-night after a party. He was with his girlfriend Jenn and I was with my boyfriend Brad, along with us we brought our friends Kelly, Nate, Sarah and Jake. We all left the party together and since Nate was driving he ended up driving us to the said haunted house and since pretty much all of us were drunk we got out of the car and went inside the house. My best friend went off with his girlfriend and Brad took me to a bedroom that we found. We fooled around for a little while until we heard a scream.
    “What was that? It sounded like Jenn.” I said while trying to sit up even though brad was laying on top of me.
    “You know those two they were probably just enjoying each other to much that she couldn’t contain her screams.” Brad said while trying to kiss me again. After a second I let him we were so distracted on each other that we didn’t hear four more screams and the door to the room opening and then closing. Brad was thrown off of me when we finally realized the door opened and we weren’t alone anymore.
    “You guys aren’t aloud to be here it's off limits and cursed to be in this house.” my best friend said. Although it didn’t quite sound like him but I guess I am the only one that realized it cuz next thing i know Brads in front of him and blocking him from being able to see me.
“Dude get out go back to Jenn and leave us alone.” Brad said.
“The girl you speak of is dead in my room and so are the other people who you came with, you will soon join them if you don’t leave now.” said the stranger that looked like my best friend.
“We’re not leaving and that's final. So stop playing ar…” Brad said before the look alike slit his throat.
“He was getting on my nerves and now it’s time for you to decide are you going to die or leave like I asked.”
“ I know….I know you're not my best friend where is he.” I said trying not to break down.
“ He’s right here in front of you I just took control of his body until you all left then I was going to kill this body it seriously grosses me out.” he said getting ready to strike with his knife in his hand.
“Leave us alone we didn’t do anything wrong.”
“ Although you did you all trespassed onto my property into my house. Since your not going to decide which you're going to do then I am going to just kill you.” he lunged at me and got me in the throat and then went for my stomach. Everything happened in slow motion. I fell backwards and he folded in half like he was in pain but I didn’t realize he stabbed his body until after he looked up and tried reaching for me.
“I’m so…. sorry Angel that wasn’t me.” my actual best friend said.
“I know” I said but it was badly said so I reached out instead. The last thing I saw before I died was him grabbing my hand and dieing the same time I did. That is how I became stuck at the age of 16. Although I can’t complain when I have my best friend, boyfriend and friends right along with me.


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