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13 years old.
In love with books.
Ranger's Apprentice. 1
Dawn of Wonder. 2
Wings of Fire. 3
Warriors. 4
Percy Jackson. 5




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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

And remember that whoever you are, however you look, in what way you think, what you drink, how you express yourself, how you write, what music you listen to, and even how long your fingernails are, the only real thing about you is what you decide to be.


January 24, 2019


1. Why on Earth did you decide to do this q&a? 
I don't know. Why did you?
2. Yes/No: Hunger Games. Divergent. Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. 
No, Noes, Yes, Yes.
3. Have you ever read the Artemis Fowl series? (if you have, I love you) 
Yes, and I liked them. And if I might, please try reading "Dawn of Wonder, The Wakening, by Jonathan Renshaw. It's my favorite book ever.
4. When you read a book that is later made into a movie, do you usually prefer the movie or the book? 
Are you kidding me? Books are always better at telling a story, and I think that movies are more quick entertainment and action with a limitted story.
5. Yankees or Red Sox?  
I'm not much of a basketball fan. ;)
6. Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl? 
Not much of a baseball fan either.
7. What is your favorite subject in school? 
Everything, but I love writing. (lol)
8. What is your favorite word of all time? (mine is 'cocksure') 
Schadenfreude, which means taking pleasure at others suffering. But no, I just like how the word sounds. In terms of definition, I like Juxtapose.
9. Who is your favorite comedian? (watch a Mike Birbiglia show. you will die laughing.) 
I recently watched Roy Wood Jr., and I thought he was funny. I'm not really that into comedians, though.
10. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
Marine biologist. I liked aminals.


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  • Ellie!

    #1 I don't know either !!
    #5 & #6 haha :D
    Thanks for responding to this!

    8 months ago