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Baylee's Friendship

February 16, 2016

I have a friend and her name is Baylee and we met at church. Baylee has had a rough life. Her mom and dad fight all the time and her dad is addicted to pills. Her sister Karly went off the college and then Baylee got all depressed, then Baylee started to cut herself. Then one day in school she walked up to me and told me she had to show me something, and then she pulled up her sleeve and there were  cuts on her arm. She told me not to tell anyone. I asked her how did you do this?
She said, “I started off with a dull  pair of scissors and they did not cut that well so I went and got a sharper pair,” Baylee said.
I said, “you shouldn’t be doing this because it's not right. There are other ways to get through your depression instead of cutting yourself. You could go to a counselor or you could have texted me or called me. You really didn’t need to do that,” I said.
Baylee said, “my mom knows and she is going to get me a counselor to help me out.”
Then there was a rough two months. Baylee was so upset about her sister going off to college that she would talk to her every day. Then she would go into her room and put in her headphones because her mom and dad argue all the time.
Baylee snapchatted me a picture of her thighs and said, “It’s been a month since I cut.”
I snapchatted her back. I  asked her, “why did you do it and what did you do it with?”
She told me. “ I was sitting in the bathroom and broke open a razor and used a razor blade to cut myself. ”
I told her not to that that anymore and to text me whenever you think about cutting yourself I can help you, you don’t need to hurt yourself.Then her sister come back from college to help Baylee out and she started to go to college in town so she can finish her college.   Her sister was a big help to her and helped her through her depression too.   Whenever she is down she would go talk to her sister and then her her sister would give her encouraging quotes and tell her to read some of these verse in the bible that could help her understand that life is going to have some ups and downs. It's not going to be a easy straight line through life. Then they would sit down and pray about it and Baylee would feel alot better about herself and not mad at her parents.
She realized that there are going to be some bumps in the road but it will all get better.  Ever since then she hasn’t cut and her mom and dad have worked some things out and they're doing better and her sister is home.   



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