Peer Review by AbigailSauble (United States)

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By: Johanna


Paint splattered and smeared
Ink stains and graphite smudges
Unpainted nails and occasional rings
Rough finger pads from playing the guitar and typing so much

Scratches and grazes from using sandpapers 
Paper cuts from turning pages
Red knuckles from punching the wall
Wet fingers from wiping away tears


Peer Review

The beautiful imagery, and just ... *sigh* how lovely it is. (I know, very vague). I love how this tells us so much about the subject. She's an artist. An artist who has experienced (relatable, perhaps) trials. You tell a story so beautifully with only four lines. =) Well done!

Why is she crying? But I mean, really, don't add or take away anything from this. It's so picturesque as is. I could even be that person. And maybe that's what I love most about this. It's so relatable. It could be ME wiping away tears from my face. Or gaining paper cuts from reading too many stories. Here you give us a picture of maybe even yourself, which makes it even more special.

Reviewer Comments

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself! It's special beyond measure. =)