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My Best Friend is a Princess

February 16, 2016

After everything we have been through, and this is where we are now. It is ironic. Most would think  “hey I am going to die here” but not me, not with Alex by my side. With her there I feel like I can do anything. I tune back into the fight. Not that it matters much. I can fight while I am asleep even. So here we stand us two against 25 no wait… 23 , I forgot about the ones Alex was just now decapitating. We stand against 23 of Brooklyn’s worst vampire clan members La Maledetta, they call themselves The Cursed. I am raving mad. We had plans tonight and because these guys could not keep their fangs away for one night we had to cancel to come here and finish them. I keep trying to keep my eye on Alex. Even while fighting to the death with these guys. Once I find her again all I can think about is how she looks like the goddess she is. She looks the the warrior princess that first saved me in 5th grade. It was her first day and before the first bells even rang I was being dragged into a corner to be beat up, and then there she was, a small girl with long blonde hair and in a white dress, and in the most angelic voice I had ever hear she said “now that is not very nice boys, maybe you should pick on someone your own size” I wanted to laugh. Who did this girl this she is, this girl who looked like a doll. What was she thinking trying to stand up to the 6th graders. Then, in a flash she was on them, got them off of me, and had them laying on the ground in a flash. She looked at me and smiled “Hey there need some help”  and she helped me up and took me to the nurse. When we finally got to home room it was way past the first or even the second bell. When we walked in I took my spot and she just stood there and looked around, the teacher introduced her as Alexandra Caroline-Isabella Kensington and the teacher said she had just moved here from Scotland. I was really focused on her she was standing at the front of the class with her head up and looking down on us. Normally kids coward in the front of the room. She then walked away from the teacher and sat right next to me. The teacher just looked astounded and I knew she wanted Alex to sit at the front because I have a tendency to hate other kids. Alex then did something that from that day forward created our friendship and our bond. She stood up and addressed the teacher as if she was the superior. “Mrs. Smith I will be sitting her from now on for I need to protect my best friend James, and if you wish to move me then you must move him too.” and she stared at the teacher with a look like if the teacher would have said one word she would either throw a fit or have her killed. I never understood her that day and I never have asked her about it, but from that day on she has done just what she said. Alex has been my best friend and my protector. One thing I did find out about her later on it that my first thought of her that day was correct. My Best Friend Alexandra Caroline-Isabella Kensington really is a Scottish Princess who was trained to fight for those she loved. She really is a Princess Warrior.
As I stand here today fighting by her side I can not even think about how this came to be the million things we have done together and how they have all brought us to this. Alex and I fighting the La Maledetta together and actually winning. As we push down their numbers to just five we start to plan our celebration. A fun perk of Alex being my Protector is that we share a bond, a strong one. This bond allows us to share our thoughts and emotion and strength. Ever since the first day she claimed me as hers to protect. We can speak to each other and no one else can hear us. Alex was going to keep this a secret until needed but later in 5th grade we were taking a test and all of a sudden I heard someone talking to me so I looked around and everyone was focused, except Alex. Then she spoke again but her mouth did not move but I still heard her voice as clear as if she would have said it out loud. She was just telling me that I did number four wrong and the answer was B but I freaked out a little and feinted. She had to take me to the nurse. On the way she explained and ever since we have just talked to each other in our own way and even now as we destroy the La Maledetta we are talking about where to eat supper tonight. I was to go get take out Chinese, but she wants American fast food. This is her favorite because her family only eats authentic Scottish food. I agree with her just because we do not go out a lot anymore and I can eat take out anytime and she can not. So as we dispatch the last few members and call it in we head to her favorite place. “So James my best friend ever! Can I get maybe one of the really big milk shakes. Oooh a chocolate one!!”  Alex says as if I could ever say no. She sometimes act like a child when it comes to American things.
                                                                                                                              “ Of Course bestie” I said jokingly


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