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You may be wondering what makes me different from you or the person in the corner? Well not a lot really, I write on here, on Wattpad, and singing is my life. I'm striving to one day perform on Broadway... hopefully. I honestly just love feedback!

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A little bit rough, I'm not the best at poetry but I'd like to improve, any advice?

Where were was I?

February 23, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


Where were you?
When I rung you last night,
You left me alone in the dark,
With no smiles and no light,

Where were you?
When I said I was sick,
You didn't even care,
I thought I was the one you'd pick,

Where were you?
When I cried myself to sleep,
You drowned me in my sorrows,
I felt like I was falling somewhere deep, 

Where were you?
When I needed you most,
You left me so empty,
Like I was nothing but a ghost,

Where were you?
When I said I only loved you,
You left with no answer,
I want to leave now too,

Where was I?
Alone crying out my eyes,
I love you so much,
But you're no longer mine.


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