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Alice and Ducky.

February 16, 2016

    One day alice was alone she didn’t have many friends for the fact that her step sister made she she wouldn’t have any friends at her new school. Made it really hard for her to make any new friends and one day Ducky walked into her life. Alice thought Ducky was her lifesaver, Alice started to go to school more often and she started to open up. They were like sister if you didn’t know better. Ducky came from a bad home and he stepfather died for Alcohol. Alice thought they could relate since her father passed away when she was a kid and her home isn’t always the best.  They did everything together they would walk to school together and do homework together; you couldn’t take those two apart. The only thing that was different about each other is that Ducky was in 8th grade ands Alice was in 7th grade. Their birthday's was even close together. They shared the same favorite holiday and had the same taste of music, there wasn’t much they didn’t share. Alice thought that she has findlay has made a true friends. Alice’s 7th grade year has been trun around and her life seems a little bitter. Alice thought she has made a friend for life. Ducky started to talk to her old friend back at her old school. Alice was at Ducky’s house when they came over. Ducky has alway had a crush on B that was his nickname I can’t remember what his full name was. Alice started to talk to Alex which was mostly Ducky pushing her to talk to him. The more that Ducky stated to talk to B the more that B like Ducky,they stated to date shortly after. As Alice was in New York on a school trip Alex asked her out. Alice really didn’t care so she said yes. The only thing Alice cared about was friends and making it out of school. They date all school year and So did Ducky and B. Once summer came around  Alice and Alex broke up, Ducky and B were still strong. Alice spent the summer kinda a loner since Ducky was At B house most of the time, but when Ducky came back they had a blast. One of her best summer Alice has ever had. Everything was going to well tell B stopped texting Ducky, with that she wasn’t her happy cheerful self. It’s was something Alice hasn’t seen before at less form Ducky. Alice was by her side the whole time like any good friend would be. The summer was now over and Alice got her to smile once again.
Alice was going to to 8th grade and Ducky was going in to her 1st year of high school. Ducky was more disten for Alice and she started to lie to Alice about what she's doing. Alice started to notice that little thing of hers was missing. Like her sunglasses she fell in love with in DC were gone tell she found them and her “friend's” bedroom. One day Ducky and Alice were out hang out at the school park. They came back to alice house to spend the rest of day together when they both had to go the bathroom right when they got to the house. Alice went and used her bathroom, while Ducky went and used Alice’s mother’s bathroom. The next day soon to realize that was a big mistake. Ducky has took something out of the bathroom and how did Alice know this? Will her mom thought Alice was the one who had it and She found it hidden and Ducky’s room. Alice was starting to slowly realized that maybe the friend she made last year wasn’t the friend she wanted. A little while later one of Alice favorite band was coming to a town by her. That’s all she would talk about just how bad she wanted to go. She was looking forward to them coming. She always told Ducky if she could go she taking her with. Alice wanted to spend that day with Ducky and have a blast.  When that day came she was so happy, that was until her mom told her she can’t go. She decided to text her friend Ducky to see if she wanted to hang out. when her friend texted she was busy with homework. The next day they went to school and Alice was still upset she couldn’t go. One of their friends came up to them and asked Ducky how was the concert. That’s when Alice lost it, she has tried to forgive Ducky for all of the things she has done. As Ducky and Alice stopped being friends B started to text Alice but it’s not what you think. Alice and B became close friends over the last two years. To find out the Ducky took B’s guitar and amp. Alice felt bad so she thought if she was nice to ducky and let her think that they were still friends she could get it back for him. That didn’t work out as she planned Ducky came made it even harder to stay her friend. Ducky started to sleep around and hang out with people she normally wouldn’t. Ducky would hang out with any boy that would take her. Ducky tried to hang out with out with one of Alice friends let's name him Anthony. The only thing is Anthony didn’t want anything to do with her and the way she is. So Ducky gave Anthony a B’s guitar think if she give him things and sucks up to him she would get what she wants. Even tho Anthony took the guitar he still didn’t want her anything to do with her. After Ducky and Alice stop being friends Ducky made it her gual to make sure alice would not have her friends and the end of everything. Ducky soon to realise that Alice's  friends were going to stay by her side.


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