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Our Last Chance

February 16, 2016

    “AHHHHH!” I hear that loud, ear shattering scream from the other side of my apartment. I go out the door to check on my neighbor and best friend, Danny. I was expecting it to be a spider, she’s terrified of spiders. I was about to knock on the door when it flew open, and Danny ran into me at full speed.
    “Ow,” I said jokingly “You do realize I’m not a tackling dummy”. I gave her a joking look but she was red faced. We got up, she was embarrassed.
    “What’s wrong,” I asked “Why in God’s name did you scream so loud.” Danny pointed at it. It was a small spider. When I say small, I mean half a centimeter small. I just looked at her with a blank expression.
“It surprised me,” She said sadly “And makes it worse that you’re mad at me.” I wasn’t mad at her, but she is sensitive. Plus she sometimes like to make a scene. So I walked up to her and hugged her, and consoled her, but as soon as I started hugging her, she giggled.
    I knew Danny wouldn’t let me leave unless I killed the damn spider. I literally had to pry her off me so I could kill it, she ran outside. I just took of my shoe and smashed it. She walked back into the room. I see her calm down, but for some reason, she was still sad. “What’s wrong,” I said “I thought you wanted it gone.”
    “I did,” she said sadly “but I don’t like seeing things that are dead.”
    “It’ll be okay,” I said, trying to cheer her up “It didn’t suffer”
    “Okay,” she said semi happily “but since you damaged my property, you owe me.”
I knew she was better, at least. Danny loves to make jokes. “Fine,” I said in a joking voice “What do I owe you madam.”
”You can make me dinner,” she said happily “and I tell you what I want.”
    “Fine,” I said “be at my house at 8, sharp.”
    At 8:00 she knocks on my door, right on time. I open the door to her being all dressed up, I just stared. “Why are you so dressed up,” I asked confused “I thought you said I was making diner.”
“You are,” she said “but you have to dress up afterwards.”
    I just went along with it. Danny and I would do stuff like this when we were younger. Hell one time, I was dressed up like a girl and she dressed up like a guy in public, I was 10, she was 12. She still laughs about it to this day. I tell her this every time though, “I did it because you wanted to look dumb with you, I’m your best friend, and I’d do anything for you.”
    She gave me a list of foods she wanted made. When I say a list, I mean a list of like 20 things. I told her I’ll make 5 of them. We went through the night like anytime we eat together. It was the exact same as the last time, except being dressed up.
    We ate until 9:30ish and then talked until 10. I told her I had to go to bed. She knew I had class at like 6 am. She said goodnight to me as she left. I closed the door, locked it, and then went to bed. I just laid in bed and thought about dinner. I got a text at about 10:15, it was Danny. The text read “Goodnight, love you best friend.” I messaged her “Night love you too.”
    I woke up around 3 am. I heard a knocking at my door. I walked to the door, it was Danny, and she seemed scared. Opened the door and asked her what was wrong. She said she seen another spider. This was the third time this week and I’ve had to go to her house and kill at least 20 spiders in the last two days. I told her to come in and got her a blanket and pillow and let her sleep on the couch. I closed the door and went back to sleep.
    I got back up at six and about left for class before I got a call from the school. It was canceled because of a widespread sickness that hospitalized a lot of kids. I didn’t mind, I called my boss and asked if he needed a worked, he said yeah and I left. Danny was still asleep, I left her a note that said she could stay here for the day. She had class at 8 and only works on weekends, I also put on the note that I would call an exterminator.  I went downstairs and left.
    I work at Starbucks, which was about five minutes away. It seemed like a pretty normal day, until I seen a person on the one lane street. I asked him to move, then yelled, then honked my horn, the asshole wouldn’t move. I was about to go around him sense it seemed clear but he turned around. That’s when stuff got weird. His face was covered in blood, his face looked pale, and he had an arm in his hand, a HUMAN arm. He was eating it, I just turned the car around and drove home.
I got home, ran upstairs the door was wide open. I walked inside, Danny was holding a knife, covered in blood and a body on the floor. The body looked a lot like the one in the street. Danny seen me, dropped the knife, then started crying. I held her and asked her what happened. She said she woke up to someone banging on my door. She read the note then looked through the door to see who it was. It was one of our neighbors. Danny said that the girl wanted in, so she let her.
    But when she opened the door, she was attacked. She was terrified, she kicked the girl off but that didn’t stop her. Danny ran to the kitchen, got a knife and asked her to stop. She sprinted at her, then Danny stabbed her. I just looked at her, shocked. I held her as close as possible. I knew what these things were, they’re the undead. We just laid there, then I told her something. I told her this.
    “Danny, you are my best friend, I will keep you safe. No matter what.”


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