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Matthew Grimes

United States

Friendship Story

February 16, 2016

My friend Seth and I once had to go to a concert, and it was in the middle of the winter, and lets just say, it was in the middle of a blizzard. We got the seats, really close to the stage. But what had happened to get those seats, I´ll tell you the story. Seth and I were driving over to my grandmas house, because we were meeting my cousin, and we were all going over to the concert. Once we got there, no one was home, because they thought we were meeting them over at the concert. Seth and I were starting to get a little bit worried, because our car was almost completely out of gas, because we had to drive to Altoona, and our car was almost out of gas completely.
I called my aunt, and asked if she could pick us up, and she said that she was sick, but my grandpa was on his way to pick us up. I was a bit scared, because my grandpa is not the best at driving. At all. Lets just say, that he got in a car accident driving one of the best driving cars, a ford focus. I was pretty amazed, that he could crash a focus. He got to my grandmas house, and he drove us to Wells Fargo Arena, and then we had to go to the end of line, and it was in the middle of a blizzard, and it was a low of 14 degrees. Seth and I didn´t even have good winter coats, I just had two jackets, and a hat, all Seth had was a winter coat, and a scarf. We saw my cousin at the start of the line, and we went to the front of the line with him, and then these rude people came up to us and questioned my blood relation with my cousin, and once I told him about 5 times that we were cousins, he said that he still didn´t believe me, and he basically threw me to the back of the line, and then he threw Seth out too.     
My cousin Jake started to yell at him, and then he threw my cousin out too. He was a security guard… How was I supposed to know that he was security guard, I mean he was undercover or something. We were at the end of the line, and then even worse, the concert almost sold out completely. Seriously, we had reserved tickets and everything, but we got kicked out. I am really starting to think that they don´t like Seth, my cousin, and I. I have no idea why, but I am starting to think that, even though we had VIP passes, they sent us to the back of the line. You see, my cousin is very outgoing, unlike my friend Seth and I, so my cousin went up to the front of the line, and started to yell at the people at the door, and then they figured out, that we had VIP passes, and then their faces got all red, and then they let us right in, and got us to the floor. The concert was amazing, but then I got kind of nervous. I started to listen to the music, and then I looked over at my friend Seth, then my cousin, then they both started to say that this might have been the wrong concert…
I looked at the pamphlet that they handed out, and when we were supposed to go to the Fall Out Boy concert, it was the Country concert… Seriously? Country music is my least favorite music, ever. I looked at the date, and then I got really upset, I was a week early to the concert. Seriously, I spent literally 100 dollars on these tickets, because I gave the money to my cousin to buy the tickets, and the VIP tickets. His face started to get super red, and then he said that he was not paying attention when buying the tickets, because he was doing his homework while buying them. I decided that we should just go back to my cousin´s house, then we would just have a party, and rent a bunch of movies from Family Video. So we got all 6 star wars movies, and then we bought the new star wars 7 movie, and we watched all of them. I think overall, we had a pretty fun time, I mean we got to watch our favorite movies, and eat popcorn, and pull one of the funnest all nighters ever.
The next morning, we all woke up about noon or so, and then I drove Seth back to his house, and then I asked him if he wanted to go to watch a new movie in the movie theaters, and he said why not, because his parents were out of town for two weeks. We went and watched the new Kung Fu Panda movie, and then we went back to my house, because my family was out for two days, so they left me at home, with a bunch of money to go and eat supper and stuff. Seth´s parents did the same thing. We decided to just crash at my house, and play videogames, or watch tv. We both eventually fell asleep again, and then we woke up at about 3:30 or so, and we got back to my house at maybe 2:00, to 2:30. I drove Seth back to his house, and then I just watched YouTube for the rest of the day, and ate Ramen Noodles, and drank Arnold Palmer Tea. I called my family, and asked how they were doing, and then Seth called me, and asked if I wanted to jump on his trampoline, and I said ¨Why not?¨ We literally did anything we wanted to, and it was time of our lives. My favorite time, was the movie spree, if you ask me.


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